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    My husband and I are PADI certified and wanted to take advantage of the diving that's included at CSS. What should we expect? (i.e. how long are the dives?, how deep do you typically go? etc.) Also, we will be at CSS starting Nov. 29 - how is the diving during this time of year?

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    The sights (fish) are so-so, but the staff varies the dive locations so there is always a chance to see something new and exciting. Every dive we got to see something that was different. Depths varied from 34 to 55 ft.and usually last 30 plus minutes. E-mail me at and I'll send you some pic's from CSS in 09.

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    The 1st thing to remember is that Jamaica is NOT a dive destination! We did six dives at CSS in 2008. One went to 70 feet, but most were in the 30-40 ft range. Most were Okay, but still a hellofalot better than a cold quarry in Ohio! The best dive was the wreck HMS Katherine. Sunk about 20 years ago, it had the largest collection of brain coral that I have ever seen on a wreck. Most were in the 12" diameter range. There is also a swim thru next to it which is very wothwhile.

    Be prepared for close supervision. I believe Jamaican law requires the dive master conduct the dive and keep everyone close together, a bummer for my wife and I who like to stop and investigate the 'little things'.
    There are supposed to be two dive single tank dive trips a day, but the second one didn't always happen. On those days we talked them into letting us go with the resort course people, which meant a shallow dive, but at least it was a dive.

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