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    Default Jewellery Stores at CSS & CN

    In January, we are heading out for a split CSS/CN trip. We booked when they had the $500 resort credit so we get $500 at both resorts. We were at CSS last year and know there is a jewellery store but I haven't seen any mention of one at CN (although I assume there is one).
    Does anybody have any comments on the selection, quality and good or bad experiences at these stores? I want to compare to determine which one to focus my jewellery shopping on.

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    There is not a jewelry store at CN, but there are two stores there that have lots of souvenirs and clothing.

    The Jewel Box at CSS has a nice selection of jewelry. I'm just not sure if you can use the $500 credit toward the jewelry as the store isn't owned by Couples, but a 3rd party rents the facility from Couples. But remember you can also use the credits in the spa not just in the shops.
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    There is a jewelry store at CSS, The Jewel Box. They have a wonderful selection and stand behind their jewelry. I have purchased a couple of nice gemstones from them, a Tanzanite ring and Blue Diamond ring. This is the only Couples resort with a jewelry store on their property. Unfortunately, the resort credit cannot be used in the jewelry store because they are not owned by Couples. Much to my husband's dismay, I love jewelry LOL. When we go to Couples for vacation, I always look for a piece of jewelry as my Christmas gift for that year. We buy it and my husband puts it away for Christmas and I just forget about it. You can't even find Tanzanite and Blue Diamonds in the states anymore. You will be able to find nice selections and good prices in Negril too. Happy shopping.

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    Agree with above poster. CN has three stores. One is apparel, one is for souvenirs, and the other is the place for sundries (suntan lotion, books, aspirin, etc.). I didn't see much jewelry. But the clothing is nice (logo and other), and some of the souvenirs are great. I think you'll find plenty of opportunities to spend your $$ -- if not, send it my way.

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    CSS has a jewelry store called The Jewel Box. They have a real nice selection and excellent quality. I have purchased a Tanzanite ring and Blue Diamond ring from them. We cannot even locate these stones in the US anymore. CN does not have a jewelry store but there are nice jewelry stores in Negril. Discuss your desire to purchase jewelry with the staff at CN and they will recommend which stores you should go to. If you go on the Couples shopping shuttle, an entertainment staff person will be with you and will go into the store with you to try and get you the best deal. The staff is wonderful. Have fun.

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    there is a jeweler that comes in twice a week to CN and sets up in the evenings outside the Casava Terrace bar. He has a good selection of stuff. I had my eye on some gorgeous diamond earrings but decided against them in the end because I just wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much on a earrings (they were $2000 but would be easily twice as much here). I settled on a different pair. This guy also will let you put the purchase on the room tab so in some way I would *think* that the hotel has at least done some degree of approval of his wares. While there some friends we met got engaged and they bought the engagement ring from him.

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