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    Default Must do's for daytrip to CSA

    Hi everyone! We are returning to CN for our second stay on Dec 4th and plan to do a trading spaces to CSA. Any "must do's" for us to really enjoy the day there? Thank you all -- I sure do love the message board!

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    Hi. I would be sure to walk across the road to the sports and spa complex and really avail yourself of what they have to offer. You won't find anything like it in the Caribbean. From the lap pool, racquetball and squash courts, many tennis courts and classes, exercise classes, gym equipment, massages and spa treatments, it's an oasis away from the beach when you want more privacy. Not to be missed and not available at CN. Be as relaxed or as active as you like!

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    Eat lunch at Seagrapes. Mmmmmmm

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    We were at CSA in January and did the trading places to CN. It's a wonderful perk.

    Walk the beach - there are so many little shops and bars to the left (south) of the resort (as you are facing the ocean).

    Head across the street to the Sports Complex. The sports bar is a great place to relax and you can check out the great sports complex and spa.

    Try the fish tacos and dips at Seagrapes. Eat lunch with you toes sticking in the sand.

    Have fun!

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    Default Have the pizza!

    Okay, for SECOND lunch, go to Patois Patio and have the pizza for lunch. Freshly made, personal pan size, hot, gooey. It takes a bit to get it served, but it's WELL worth the wait!

    It's the one thing we can't get at CN. Trust me, you'll be craving it!


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    First breakfast on the verandah. Second breakfast at the Palms. Play racquetball. Beach time. Eat lunch at Sea Grapes. More beach time. Afternoon nap. Watch the sunset on the beach. Supper at Patois. Entertainment at the Palms.

    Hey Beergirl. How about those Panthers!

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    Be sure to walk the grounds. You may get lost (we always do), but the place is really beautiful!!

    And try the onion rings at the Cabana Grill....Yum!!!

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    And if you DO go to Patios for lunch, make sure you have the Sangria. It's to die for.
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    OH the JAMAICAN DIAVOLA PIZZA from Patois is absolutely amazing! just got back on monday from a week at CSA, and it's a good thing we didn't discover it until the weekend, because we ate it every day until we left. That is for lunch, and at night they offer a Jerk Chicken Pizza. Also fantastic.

    Get the sweet potato chips with lots of pumpkin jalapeno dip at Seagrapes. and definitely the fish tacos!

    At the grill, get the red snapper or the veggie roll ups- i had them add jerk chicken to the roll up and it was so good! the onion rings with that Grace ketchup was a staple for us definitely!

    please go hang out with the bartenders at the swim up bar- they are so lively and entertaining. they know their drinks and love to make them up too, haha!


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    Hmmm. For sure walk 7 mile as far as you'd care to and I agree w/the boardies, eat lunch @ Seagrapes. The fish tacos are great as is the sushi. Heck, everything's great. While you're walking the beach and more than likely come across Elvis, please say hi to him for Wendy & Sal. Most of all, have fun & have a rumpunch for me! Razzl

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    Thank you everyone for your replies! We are both so excited and cannot wait for our return to CN. 12 days and counting!

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    Default Wow Panthers!

    Quote Originally Posted by Beach-bum View Post
    Hey Beergirl. How about those Panthers!
    Hey, Sweetie! How ABOUT those Panthers?!


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