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    Default I want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad we are home

    Let me start by saying we just returned last night from our fisrt trip to Jamaica, and Couples Swept Away. I would like go back to the airport, and go back and live there. We went to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and it was better than our honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been to alot of AI's and CSA was the best by far!!!!! From the moment you arrive you are in paradise,and are treated like you are royality. Everyone greets you with smiles and hellos, and your wish is their command. The beach was AMAZING.......words can't explain how beautiful it is,and floating in it with a drink is the best. The food is without a doubt the best ever, we didn't have a thing we disliked or that was bad. I truly can't find one little thing to complain about or that we didn't like. I ca\me on the message boards daily before our trip, it was an obcession. Now I depressed it's over,but look forward to another trip. Thanks to all at CSA for making out 10th anniversary the trip of a lifetime.I will have memories from this trip for the rest of my life..........

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    I know the feeling. Our 25th anniversary trip to CSA was amazing too. Now we are hooked and are coming to CSS next week with my sis and her honey and I find myself checking this board all the time. The obsession may never end...

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    Iknow what you mean about the obsession. I just want to read everything and anything about couples. We are heading out on Jan 15th to celebrate our 10th anniversary too! We are going to CN but it seems it doesn't matter which one you go to....everyone loves it and has a great time! So excited to go!!

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