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    Default 2012 prices

    My wife and I are planning to go for our 20th anniversary. We are looking at Jan. or Feb. of 2012. When I try to get a quote it comes back as no available dates. We are trying to see how much we need to budget. Anyone know when those dates might post or if they are available through an agent?

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    I'd be curious to know as well. My husband and I want to go that fall.

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    I called the Couples reservation line with the same question. I was told that the 2012 rates won't be available until 2011. I would suggest looking at the 2011 rates. They are always comparable from year to year.

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    Call couples. They usually give this years pricing if they have not published yet.

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    Call the 800# and they can help you out. When we booked our 2011 trip in 2009, the prices where not posted yet, but they gave us the 2009 or 10 (I can't remember which) pricing. Give them a call and they can help you out.
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    Suggest that you go ahead and book at the prices that they give you (most likely 2011 prices for that same time period) and the good news is when they come out with the 2012 prices you are locked in to your reservation price should they be higher and/or if the price is lower because of an early bird promotion that is better that what you have, then you can cancel and rebook at no penalty. They are great to work with...

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    I've tryied booking online for Sept 2012, but the system won't let you. I've emailed Couples to get the pricing for 2012, I was told that I could not book for 2012 at 2011 pricing and that 2012 pricing wouldn't be out until end of 2011. Guess I will call the 800# and see if they can at least quote me pricing for 2012.

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    I would hold off a little bit to see what special incentives/sales come out. We booked our Feb '11 trip last Feb at what we think were pretty good deals from their website.

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    Lobsterback, from my experience (02/2011 is trip #9), I would book early. I booked our trip for this winter last April to take advantage of the early booking prices and extras. I just checked the same early booking prices today and our trip would now cost over $700 more than it did last April. Nevermind you get tons of extra goodies. We got a price downgrade (paid for a Superior Ocean and got a Deluxe Ocean) and a $500 resort credit. Only have to wait 86 more days. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary and a testament to love. Well done! Sun_princess

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