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    Default Wedding pictures - DVD

    I will be getting married at Tower Isle 0n 1/11/11 I'm curious about the wedding pictures - the DVD just of the pictures or is it actually the pictures taken and video of the wedding ceremony? Any input would be great...Thanks :-)

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    We got married at CSA and used the resort photog and videographer. Our pics are stunning as we got married on the gorgeous beach.Our dvd is extra cool and I blubber every time I watch it.The video is mostly of the ceremony but they also took shots of us walking around the resort and of the cake and champagne celebration after.I also brought 5 songs on cd for them to edit into it and it turned out awesome.The cd is about 20 minites and well worth the money.I am sure the people at CTI will do a great job also.Good luck!

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    Thanks for the info :-)

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    I had my re new of vows at CTI which is the same as wedding package, we had about 300pictures taken by the resorts photographer, which contains every thing from walking down to the wedding ceremony to the vows and cutting the cake and drinking champagne to walking along the beach and gardens, depends what package you got but you get to choose which pics you want and you are then given the choice if you want to buy the rest, which is quite expensive, hope that helps........Tracy x

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    Thanks Tracy..

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    anyone know if you are able to copy the video on a computer once you get home to make multiple copies?

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