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Thread: Night swim ?

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    Default Night swim ?

    Has anyone done any swimming in the ocean after dark? Me and my love were talking about doing a little "dipping" after dark.

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    Feel free to do so, but there are creatures in the ocean at night that aren't there during the day. We prefer to swim in the pools at night.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You can definitely get in the sea at night, but there are a lot of rays, eels, and crustaceans that come out in abundance at night that are usually hiding during the day. Turtles also typically nest on the beaches at night, depending on the season. Haven't seen any turtle nests at CN, but you never know. It might be cool to get some snorkel gear and a dive light from the dive shop to see any creatures

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    We love to swim the sea at night! AWESOME!!!!!

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    I only ever saw one couple trying to swim at night and the security guard said something to them and they left. The flags are red at night which technically means no water activities are allowed. People do stay in the water when the water sports people are cleaning up but it is still light out. Once it is actually dark people stop swimming as far as we have seen.

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    You can "dip" during the day at (3) of the (4) properties.

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    We took a little "dip" after dark and it felt like something was biting at our legs. We assumed it was jelly fish and quickly got out. I'd stick to the pool or hot tub. Good luck!

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    I agree. If you go out to the ocean at sunset or right before it gets really dark, you can see some of these creatures. There are quite a few rays there and they like the shallow water. If you venture out, just be careful!

    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    Feel free to do so, but there are creatures in the ocean at night that aren't there during the day. We prefer to swim in the pools at night.

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    I am afraid of things in the ocean at night, can't imagine things after dark. LOL
    I have never seen anyone swim after dark.

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    Just remember the lemon sharks move in when the darkness appears.

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    I wouldn't...can't see jellyfish and then there are the damn sand fleas...we try and stay off the sand at night. At CTI the pool is open 24 hours a day and there is usually no one in there at night at CN we usually had the Jacuzzi by the small pool where they teach Scuba all to ourselves. The Scuba pool unfortunately gets cleaned at night.

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    Default OUCH - Something has just bitten me!!!

    It's not a problem if you are using an underwater torch. However I wouldn't fancy wading around in the sea without being able to see anything. You could put your foot on a Stingray, kick a Lionfish, swim into a jellyfish etc.
    Ian and Vanda

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    Spouse and I spent some time in the Caribbean at CN after of the best times we had while there in September! Have you ever seen the luminescence created by your arms, while treading water (or, in shallower water), by swishing your arms, hands, feet, etc.? It is beautiful and fascinating to see, and lends itself to the 'magic' of the Sea in the dark. Add to that some moonlight and it can transform into a scene similar to something like Pandora at night in 'Avatar'. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea, right?
    If it was unsafe to be in the Sea after dark it would seem like there would be some information (signs, communicated information from the resort, etc.), warning folks of the danger. Being an old submarine sailor, I am aware of dangers in the ocean, in general. Our experience far outweighed the specter of any possible animal large enough to eat us coming around, while we had a lifetime experience.
    Decide for yourself, but try not to sell yourself short!

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    Anyone from the resort care to reply? Seems like I'm getting conflicting reports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer49 View Post
    Anyone from the resort care to reply? Seems like I'm getting conflicting reports.
    I'm not an employee but they do put up the red flags at night. The signs on the beach say red flags mean no water activities are permitted so technically they are telling you to stay out of the water when they put those flags up. The water can get fairly rough at night too.

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    My wife and I always love to take a walk on the beach at night. In our 7 trips to Jamaica, we never saw anyone swimming. We just figured it wasn't allowed but then my wife had absolutely no desire to go "dipping' at night anyway. It wasn't the "dipping" as much as what might be in the water that she was worried about.

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    Default night swimming

    What about snorkeling at night? CSA advertises this as an activity so I am assuming it must be safe although I am wondering about that! I have always been told sharks come in at night to feed. Anyone done the snorkeling at night? Would love to hear about your experience!

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