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    Default Meadows Rum Cream???

    My husband and I were at CSA back in September and we purchased the Meadows Rum Cream and we know we are not able to locate it here in the states. Just wondering if anyone would be willing to purchase it for us at the resort and we can pay to have it shipped directly to us????????

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    Default Sangsters vs. Meadows vs. Lillifield

    So, we just got back, so we can't buy any and ship it to you, but I'm curious if the board has any thoughts on the different brands.

    Our first trip, we bought Lillifield, and our second and third we bought Sangsters, but I really enjoyed the Meadows at the resort.

    So, Lillifield vs. Sangsters vs. Meadows.


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    Sangsters is the best.

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    I tried all three and I prefer Sangsters. I bought a few bottles at the airport, but i was told that my state liquor store could order me some, but id have to buy it by the case. Id ask your local store about ordering some.

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    We get Sangsters here in Alberta, Canada, and it is SO much better than Bailey's! Now we don't have to carry heavy bottles on the plane (only slightly more expensive here at home), which will leave more room for all the Blue Mountain coffee I plan on bringing back! lol

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    michiganwoman, not sure how close you are to Ontario border, but the LCBO offers Sangsters , the prices are extortion but its worth if I run out between trips. Only problem is they only sell the plain rum cream and we are addicted to the banana and other flavours......

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    Check out Cruzan rum cream. Its almost as good as Sangsters

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    I can't wait to try this stuff!!! Do they have both brands at CN? We will be there in 58 days for our 10th anniversary. I'll make sure to try this over ice...relaxing watching a sunset!

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    Does rum cream last as long as regular liquor once it has been opened?

    I found a bottle of some kind of rum cream here in VA, it's not Sangsters, but it worked. Had some coconut flavoring though.

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    Default Sangster - no question about it

    We have tried all the brands and Sangsters in our opinion is by far the best. We especially like the Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cream.
    You can buy Sangsters at the LCBO in Canada. Having said that you can only get the original (not any of the flavors - have to go home to Jamaica for those ). They have a website - Don't know if they will ship to the US or not.

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    i wish i would have purchased more Sangters at the duty free shop at the airport. soo cheap.

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    Now see my hubby and I tried the curzan version and hated it!!! We were in Jamaica in Feb and stocked up...we just might make it until January when we return. We even make sure to schedule a non stop flight home to make sure we can bring as many bottles back as possible. But I do like the brands that they have at the resort better than Sangsters....

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    This website has Lillifield and Sangsters Rum Cream and will ship to the U. S.

    Don & Denise

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    Default Nutty Jamaican

    Be sure to add Frangelico and make it a nutty Jamaican! Super Yummy!

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    Cruzan rum cream is sold in large stores in MA.

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