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    Default FirstDayatTowerIsle

    Frank is still in your good graces Erin because you were on target. AirFare $700, Wardrobe for trip $300, Couples Tower Isle ....priceless!!! Words and pictures can not even begin to explain how wonderful this resort is as it must be seen in person to absorb the entire beauty that this resort has to offer.

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    Glad you are enjoying! Have a vodka lemonade slushy and lay on the island for me!!!

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    Default I knew it!

    I am so glad you guys are having a great time...but still very jealous. Can't wait to hear all about it. I knew you would love it.

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    Default firstdayatTowerIsle

    On day Two. Love the Dirty Bananas. The Catamaran was so cool. It was lots of fun and very wet. The water was warm when we dove in too. The Restaurant, The Bayside was very good Asian cuisine. Highly recommended. We are already talking about the next trip back. She wants everyone to come

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    Everyone on staff is very friendly. They go out of the way to say hello and ask how you are doing.

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    Ya Mon and no problems

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    Default firstdayattowerisle

    It's addicting isn't it? We'll be there. I also forgot to tell you that you can do some shopping at the airport before you leave. There are a lot of stores, even a Harley store. Didn't I tell really don't understand until you go because there's no way to describe it. Have you tried the snorkeling yet?

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    Beggining of Day Three. Can you spell hang-over ?? lol. someone is hung over. I am not going to tell you who she is, but her initials are P.G.
    Snorkeling sounds like fun and we might try to do it today. She went on a shopping spree and I have to carry a coconut tree back. It's a little big but she got a good price for it from the local vendors that were selling out in front of the resort. Do you think that it will fit in the overhead? We will keep the world filled in or just you two people who responded so far. Dirty Banana time at the Falls !!! Then we can Falls over.

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    lol. That is too funny. I hope she can bring it home. Did you try a hummingbird yet? They're really good too. The falls should be a lot of fun, especially after a few drinks!

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    Try the vodka and ting. It's a good refreshing drink when the others get too heavy and sweet. Tell Katie in entertainment hello from Michael and Vicky. I didn't get to see her on our last day to say "see ya soon" (don't like "good byes")

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    Default I jealous!!! I soooo can not wait to be in your place. Triple loving your updates. Tell P.G. "a little hair of the dog" will help!!!

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    I am trying to figure out how to do this, It sounds great!

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    She did not like the hummingbird alot. I liked it though. We saw the falls from the catamaran. It looks like fun. We did the snorkeling practice in the pool. Nobody drowned so it was a success. We may try the real thing (weather permitting) tomorrow. Beware the red flag. If not we are on to other things. They have different shopping excursions that go to different places on different days. Thursday they have one to the mall/harley store. We are going. I have been told.. lol. I may try the scuba after snorkeling. It looks like fun too and they train you in the pool and you go out with someone unless you go to get certified. We'll see about that one.

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    lol! I didn't know you could do a snorkel practice in the pool. That would have helped a lot the first time I went out. Ryan wanted to scuba but I wasn't ready for that...maybe next time he'll go with you. Have you tried the jerk chicken, burgers or patties yet? So good. These other drinks sound good too. You'll definitely be coming home 10lbs. heavier. Have fun shopping!

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    Hi Erin, putting on 10 lbs. would be great, but I think I've exceeded that mark after the first day, and we still have 4 four more days to go lol. Although we did visit the Dunns Falls today, and I'm sure I lost a couple of pounds walking up....I know I lost some skin at least lol Great time, but much harder than I expected. I would not recommend drinking and trying this. If you don't want to hike through the water, then you can opt for the side steps. We braved it, and have bruises to show lol. What an experience though, and we haven't had a bad day yet even though the wind has prevented us from doing many water sports at this time. Now, the island has a warm, strong breeze, and it's just as beautiful watching the trees sway. I'm just waiting for a coconut to fall on Frank's head lol.

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    Day 4. Beware the floor when you come out of the shower. I was room surfing. I almost landed on my coconut. Very scary. So, dry those feet off before you come out to the room's tile floor. Another nice day but still too windy. Red flag day. So we went off to Dunn's River Falls. I now know why they call it a Falls, cause me and Pat fell a dozen times each. After the death march up the falls. Just kidding, it was fun but a bit of a hike,but don't forget the aqua sock, water shoes. If not, they stop on the side of the road where you can rent them for $5 or buy them for $15. After you are worn down from climbing the falls,BEWARE!!! Then the real trouble begins. The vendors !!! lol. They are a little aggressive. They will hand you things and follow you back to the bus. If you get behind someone who stands out a little they all go after him or her. We had a big guy with a beard in front of me and they liked him. We escaped with only spending $4.00 for two sodas. I call that a victory. A couple with us bought two little carved figures. They were going to let him have it for only $80.00 and that's not Jamaican money. They spent about $10.00 when they finally paid. So, outside of the hotel, never pay full price. Compliments to Devon our bus driver who told us. Thanks Devon. We will keep you and anyone else filled in. Thanks

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    Love the updates. You guys are doing a great job. Have you seen how many people are viewing your posts? If anyone had any doubts about going I think they will make up their minds after reading your reviews. What is a Red Flag day? We never had them or heard of them yet.'s pretty much perfect is what you're saying. I think you guys are beaming now.

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    ok, that does it, between erin and you guys, I am so going there!

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    Hi! We actually enjoyed the cat cruise with you guys....and I have to say it was a pleasure meeting you. We are headed home, but I hope that you enjoy the rest of your trip. You should try horseback riding. It was a lot of fun! =)


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    Night Number Four....Frank surprised me with the arrangement of a special dinner on the beach. What an unbelievable experience, especially from a typically non-romantic type of guy lol. I'm beginning to think that the caribbean air is bringing out the romantic side of him, but then I guess I always knew it was in there somewhere lol. How can you not be romantic here though? The water was only steps away from the table, and the waiter could not be more accommodating. It was a surf and turf dinner, and the steak was tender to the point of not requiring a knife to cut it. The thought that he arranged this without my knowledge, and the beautiful candles spelling out the word "lovers" in the sand was enough to make me cry. I told the waiter that it was heaven, and it couldn't be more perfect. All of this is due to the best man in the honey bunny!!! I love you babe.

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    To the men out there,
    It's a home run. She loved it. It's a nice surprise and totally worth it. She has one more surprise left and she can tell you about it tomorrow. Us guys do have a couple tricks up our sleeves.

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    Red Flags mean that the weather is not conducive to the water sports. So, no snorkeling, riding the water bikes, kayaking or walking on water... lol. The scuba guys are still good to go. The Catamaran is still going although you have to hop on the bus to get it instead of it docking here. No problem man. (God, we feel like natives) So Beware the Red Flag !!! Although you can still get in the water and also swim to the bar at the pool. Drinks are still free ! Stay tuned

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    Awww..that's so nice. You probably needed it after the "death march" up the falls. lol. Can't wait to hear about the next surprise.

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    Default dunns river

    hey there -- we arrive on Saturday so I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your posts. I wondered about Dunns River and had posted a separate post. My hubby doesn't swim and my knees aren't great -- do you think we can still do it? I'm worried after hearing about your 'falls' and 'bruises' though. It sounds like a great time. :-)

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    Windsor Girl,
    You don't have to swim at the falls unless you are only two feet tall. That's about as deep as it gets. It is a little tricky going up. If you can't handle it after there are exits to the side and then you can follow and walk up the steps. That's what one of the couples in our group did. You do have to pick up your feet and listen to the guides. They help you up at the tricky parts and everyone looks out for each other and holds hands on the way up. boy-girl But everyone does look out for each other. It is fun. Give it a try. We will still be here on Saturday and leave on Sunday if you want to look us up.

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