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    Day 5. Would you believe it's sunny again today ? Like every other day. Red Flag is temporarily up. They said to check back. So, water sports are iffy today. We shall see. The pictures they took of us at last night's dinner came out really well. One of the other people here saw them and told us how well they came out. Boy am I photogenic! lol. Not much else to report so far. We will keep you posted.

    Last night though, when we went back to the room after the dinner, they fixed up the room nicely. The staff put flower petals on the bed and arranged the towels in a heart and put a flower on there too. Needless to say she loved it. Girly stuff. Not to mention earlier in the day they sent up a bottle of champagne and some cookies and fruit. I guess that was part of the dinner but I am not sure. Maybe they got the wrong room. All I know they could have said any room number and I was taking it after they showed up at our It was nice.

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    Very nice...hope the red flags come down today.

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    You know you guys are never going to want to come home!!

    I don't know what is in the water or the air, but I am sending

    Mike down. He wanted to know if it was a one way ticket. Frank

    you should write a book, you seem to be doing everything right!

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    Hi Erin, please do a favor and let mom mom know that I tried calling them today. Pop pop answered, but the phone had lots of static so I couldn't talk and had to hang up. Nothing is wrong so I just don't want them to worry ok? In fact, things couldn't be any better than they have been. It's the first place that I've been to in a very long time that has me so relaxed that I can't even get a massage because I think I would melt into the table if I was any more relaxed. This place has brought me back to a newly found inner peace that I thought I'd never find again, and I just hope that it stays with me once I return to work. Can't wait to show you the pictures because I know you will understand what this place is all about since you are responsible for me being here. Thank you honey for recommending that we try a little piece of heaven for a while. It was much needed, and the memories of how beautiful this country is will be with me forever. See you soon.

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    Day 5 update. Red Flag is still in effect. No water sports today. A couple we have been chatting with went horseback riding. They seemed to like it. It takes a very short ride to get there and then they went for about an hour ride. However for the bigger guys like me there is a weight limit of 250 pounds. Since I am more than a pound or two over I passed. Lucky We did the Island Village shopping excursion. It left at around 3 and made one stop before. Our host Cammile was good. At the outdoor vendors before the mall, She warned us that they would be aggressive there and if we are not interested to walk away. She wants us to support the locals however she said if we needed help, she would assist us with anything. Big help and thanks to her. Thanks Camille. Then off to the Island Village Mall. Lots of stores from the inexpensive to very. We purchased a couple things. I got a watch that had a price tag of $185.00 for $35.00.I think it's a Rolix. Wait, that's not a Rolex, I think I've been had... just kidding. It looks pretty nice. I also had to stop in and visit Hemp Heaven for all my bong shopping needs... LOL. As you can guess I did not purchase anything in there. Margaritaville is right in that mall too. Across the street is a Harley Davidson store and we stopped there and bought a tee-shirt. Right next to it is the Hard Rock Cafe too. So, lots of different things at that mall. When we were waiting outside a taxi driver approached us before we walked in and then stopped me again afterwards. He asked me if I needed "anything". "If I needed some smoke?" he was discrete about it. I told him I'd get back to him on that one. Maybe we can smoke a big fat one... NOT. So, I think I would have been disappointed if I didn't not hear that from anyone. So, my trip is Delicious dinner at the Verandah tonight which is the Caribbean place and soups here are delicious. I must now go because I am being hollered at and I have to go put my dancing shoes on. Someone wants to do the funky chicken or something else. ta ta for now

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    Hey, guys! I will call Mom-mom later, it's only 7:30 right now, so I'll wait until the breakfast club starts up. I can't wait to see the pictures either. I know how you feel because you don't know until you've been there, but don't worry the feeling will stick because you'll want to be back there every single day. Trust me, I know! You HAVE to get a massage, they'll scrape you off the table if that happens, just get one!

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    Day Six...I can't believe we only have two days left, and yet it feels that we have been here for a lot longer which is really wierd. Today was awesome already. We took the hydrobikes out and biked our way through the water, but we soon had to return to get our snorkeling gear because we went on a boat ride to the reef today. Great day for it, saw lots of colorful fish, even though they were small. Now I'm hooked on snorkeling though and can't wait to do it again. We came back from that and played bingo at the pool bar, and then the "shit" game. This is a game where everyone has to think of a word ending with the word "shit." So, Frank was "dumbshit" and I was "chickenshit." Pretty appropriate huh? Well, you have to go around the pool and remember everyone's name when called upon and drink a shot if you can't. Well, I was lucky because the bartendar only made me drink a Jamaican cream rum shot. With that kind of rum, you almost want to lose this game lol. Well, gotta go, the catamaran awaits lol.

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    Glad you guys got to do the snorkeling. And two cruises. Can't wait to hear what you do next.

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    Day 5&6.
    Day 5 finished with a movie on the beach. It was pretty nice. They turned the chairs around and supplied us with popcorn but no Milk Pretty cool time even though I may have taken a bit of a nap in the middle of it. Maybe it was the waves that put me to sleep. It was a chick flick/romance so the nap was ok for the men.
    Day 6 continued. We had fun playing Jeopardy in the piano bar. We played with two other couples. One of the categories was Harry Potter and the couple next to us nailed most of them. They were from Canada, so in the second round it was tougher when the categories were the Oval Office and State Flags. Canada doesn't have either. They needed Alex Trebek and then they would have been fine. Alex is another Canadian and one of the categories would have been Canadian Prime Ministers and we would not have known them then. The other couple is a lot of fun and we've taken turns stalking each other. We keep doing the same things at the same time and we either show up first and they come second or vice versa. As winners of jeopardy we won an all expenses paid trip to Couples for a month. No, actually we had a choice of rum or some wooden parrot. Guess which one we have? We are accepting nominations for naming the parrot. Give us some ideas. Pg-13 or R ratings are ok. No XXX. Dinner again at the Bayside (Asian) Restaurant. Excellent again. Running out of days here Pretty soon we'll have to rename the post to Last Day at Tower Isle at this time. Because we have to come back !

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    Can't believe it's your last day already, I've been entertained all week reading your posts. Have a safe trip back, can't wait to hear all about it and see the pics.

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    Last night we went over to the spa for a look and ended up in the Buddha pool. Very nice. Very quiet over there. It was pretty cool. it was like our own little spa. We then went back to the room. Then we saw some storms out in the water. It was very imposing. Someone (you know who) asked me if we should pack our bags and get ready. I asked her, "ready for what?" I think she wanted to abandon the country cause of the storms. They were wild to watch. I think she got an hour sleep taking about 50 pictures that did not turn out. I did get a lot of pictures of the deck.

    Last whole day here,
    The coffee is nice and hot. The eggs are a little undercooked for me. So, I just ask them to cook that omelette a little longer and I got the usual response, "no problem". Someone is going to get a facial. We will see what happens today.

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    Things for most people to pack or bring:
    Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. I am a little on the fair side.
    Small Currency or dollars. Ones, fives and tens for tips. Although not really needed at the resort. Needed for off of it and bartering.
    Water shoes, aqua socks for Dunn's River Falls, and other things.
    Water camera. I was worried about mine, it's not waterproof. At Dunn's River Falls, the guides held onto it and took pics.
    I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

    They have a nice room for computer usage with about 10 screens for use.
    The gym is nice. Enough equipment. Now I only have to find out where it is located... lol. I have not been there that much.

    Your own self-serve ice cream. It's right next to the big pool. And close to the gym.

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    Hey WeAre.....
    Glad to see that ya'll had such a great time. I know today is a sad day for ya'll as the "GoodBye Bus" will arrive soon....if it hasn't already. Here is a word of caution for you. Get ready for a state of depression. Ask around on this MB and see if isn't true. When you get back to your stateside home, you will go through some form of depression. No matter how many times we go to Jamaica, even knowing that it will only be a short time until we get back "home", my wife and I still experience it. Now for the cure....get on this board and relive your memories, plan your next trip ASAP, and share your advice and stories with other "newbies" that you find here.

    Congrats, and welcome to "the family"!

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    Hi Erin and everyone else who is reading our messages, it was quite some night with the storm that passed through with bolts of lightening coming straight down from a huge white cloud hovering over the tower, but surrounding this cloud were the stars shinning brightly. Never saw anything like it before, but Frank was right. After taking several pictures, I think I only had one good one to show anyone lol. Needless to say, we were a bit tired this morning. Even though the sun, music, and great people help you wake up around here, the reality of leaving here is beginning to take over as we are savoring every second of our last night in this paradise. We went snorkeling again today, and it was even better than the first time we went. They are talking about a snorkeling trip to the shipwreck tomorrow so maybe we might catch that before we leave in the afternoon. We just came back from dinner at the Eight Rivers Restaurant. There is a gala buffet tonight, but we wanted something special for our last night. The restaurant is top-shelf, and we were not disappointed. They change the menu every Thursday, and the Baked Alaska was excellent!!! Just be prepared to bring dress attire if you are interested in going there. As everyone knows, all good things must end, and I think we are ready...sort of lol. Many of the wonderful people we met have left, and it sort of feels weird to be here without them. I think it helped us get ready to say goodbye, but there is no doubt that we will return. So, that is what we will choose to focus on to help transition ourselves back to reality. I hope that everyone has enjoyed our impression of this wonderful resort, and please do not doubt booking this trip. It is the best place to relax, have fun, and meet wonderful people from around the world. Please wish us a safe trip home, and we will be back.

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to post about your trip. It has been so much fun readying about your experiences.

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    Default sounds good

    I'm so glad you had a good trip. Welcome to the family.

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    Default Can't wait!!

    AWESOME!!! I can't wait... can you guys post some pics?

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    Dear, WeAreOnVacation,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write about your adventures and misadventures!lol I have 239 days to go and reading this board gets me through.

    Again, thank you,
    One Love,

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    Hi Everyone,

    It's been so nice knowing so many people enjoyed reading our comments. We will definitely post some pics as soon as we figure out how to do that lol. The last day was quite sad waiting for the "good-bye" bus to pick us up and take us back to reality. However, we spent a good few hours drinking Dirty Bananas and Pina Colada's as we floated on the rafts in the pool before the dreaded hour came for us to leave. The flight home was fine, but reality certainly kicked in fast as we landed in Philadelphia. We woke up this morning, asking each other what we would like to have at the morning buffet only to realize that I had to go food shopping if we were going to eat at all!!! Wow, another reality check lol. So, we decided to have a Carribean party with our family later this week so we can share stories and show pictures because we aren't ready to let go yet. We also want to talk them into going back with us, and I know the pictures will be enough to convince them. I now understand why my niece frequently views the message board because she hasn't been ready to let go since she went to Swept Away months ago,and I'm glad to know that we have now become members of this new family too. What can I say.... it's the most beautiful, romantic and relaxing place in the world, and I miss it already.

    Back off to the airport you need to start remembering you have to pay for things. The driver back to airport gives you a kind of guided tour on the way back. We also made a stop on the way back. $4.00 for a soda and bag of chips. I didn't even try and bargain. We passed Jamaican Olympic Sprinter BOLT's school. The driver said it's cool watching all the kids running these days and want to be the next BOLT. Now you have to reach back into the pockets. The all-inclusive is over. Something for him , something for the bag handler's at the airport. The duty free shops are good. The Jamaican rum is very inexpensive. Now is your time to buy. I paid twice as much at the resort. So, if getting booze, buy it there. All the other stuff is there too, Harley-Davidson store, Margaritaville, Jamaican stuff and $9.00 for a 8-inch Domino's Pepperoni Pizza. WHich can be expected at the airport. We had a great time and you will too. Bon Voyage.

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    One cool thing is we were watching James Bond's "Dr. No" today on tv. The movie was filmed in Jamaica. Ian Fleming (the author) had owned a couple of homes there. At the end of it there was a building that blows up and you see the pier with people jumping off. That is the Bauxite ( not sure of spelling) factory right near the resort. If you go on the Catamaran you will see it from the water. You also drive past it to and from the airport. It was just a cool reminder of the trip. Bauxite is an ingredient used to make aluminum and is produced there. See, you learned something new today Now everything I see is going to remind me of Jamaica. We stopped on the way home at Geno's for a Cheesesteak. I stopped at Wawa for a soda. The guy in front of me had dreadlocks. I just had to laugh. Ya mon. No problem.

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    I have so enjoyed all your posts. It was almost as good as being there (ya right LOL) but it definitely made me feel happy, knowing that Couples hooked another one!!

    NOW you have got to figure out how to get those pictures up, I would love to see them.

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    To you guys that have been there recently, where does the catamaran take you? Is the coast scenic?
    In Negril, it brings you to the caves (not sure about the diving anymore).
    Cant wait to find out for myself!!
    CN 2003, 2005, 2008, 2011 CSS 2006, 2007 CSA 2007, 2011 CTI 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by travmagic View Post
    To you guys that have been there recently, where does the catamaran take you? Is the coast scenic? The catamaran takes you down to Dunn's River Falls. It is a really cool trip. We even got to get off the catamaran to swim in the ocean near the falls. =)
    In Negril, it brings you to the caves (not sure about the diving anymore).
    Cant wait to find out for myself!!

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    WeAreOnVacation - I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and I can't wait until we go back in September, this will be our 3rd time to CTI, 1982, 2007 and this year and you said it right, it is truly the most relaxing experience you will ever have on a vacation. September can't come soon enough. Hope you have settled back into home life as it is hard to do.

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    Thanks Des. That is very cool. I am getting very excited to visit CTI for the first time!
    CN 2003, 2005, 2008, 2011 CSS 2006, 2007 CSA 2007, 2011 CTI 2009

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