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    Default FirstDayatTowerIsle

    Frank is still in your good graces Erin because you were on target. AirFare $700, Wardrobe for trip $300, Couples Tower Isle ....priceless!!! Words and pictures can not even begin to explain how wonderful this resort is as it must be seen in person to absorb the entire beauty that this resort has to offer.

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    Glad you are enjoying! Have a vodka lemonade slushy and lay on the island for me!!!

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    Default I knew it!

    I am so glad you guys are having a great time...but still very jealous. Can't wait to hear all about it. I knew you would love it.

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    Default firstdayatTowerIsle

    On day Two. Love the Dirty Bananas. The Catamaran was so cool. It was lots of fun and very wet. The water was warm when we dove in too. The Restaurant, The Bayside was very good Asian cuisine. Highly recommended. We are already talking about the next trip back. She wants everyone to come

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    Everyone on staff is very friendly. They go out of the way to say hello and ask how you are doing.

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    Ya Mon and no problems

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    Default firstdayattowerisle

    It's addicting isn't it? We'll be there. I also forgot to tell you that you can do some shopping at the airport before you leave. There are a lot of stores, even a Harley store. Didn't I tell really don't understand until you go because there's no way to describe it. Have you tried the snorkeling yet?

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    Beggining of Day Three. Can you spell hang-over ?? lol. someone is hung over. I am not going to tell you who she is, but her initials are P.G.
    Snorkeling sounds like fun and we might try to do it today. She went on a shopping spree and I have to carry a coconut tree back. It's a little big but she got a good price for it from the local vendors that were selling out in front of the resort. Do you think that it will fit in the overhead? We will keep the world filled in or just you two people who responded so far. Dirty Banana time at the Falls !!! Then we can Falls over.

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    lol. That is too funny. I hope she can bring it home. Did you try a hummingbird yet? They're really good too. The falls should be a lot of fun, especially after a few drinks!

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    Default I jealous!!! I soooo can not wait to be in your place. Triple loving your updates. Tell P.G. "a little hair of the dog" will help!!!

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    I am trying to figure out how to do this, It sounds great!

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    She did not like the hummingbird alot. I liked it though. We saw the falls from the catamaran. It looks like fun. We did the snorkeling practice in the pool. Nobody drowned so it was a success. We may try the real thing (weather permitting) tomorrow. Beware the red flag. If not we are on to other things. They have different shopping excursions that go to different places on different days. Thursday they have one to the mall/harley store. We are going. I have been told.. lol. I may try the scuba after snorkeling. It looks like fun too and they train you in the pool and you go out with someone unless you go to get certified. We'll see about that one.

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    lol! I didn't know you could do a snorkel practice in the pool. That would have helped a lot the first time I went out. Ryan wanted to scuba but I wasn't ready for that...maybe next time he'll go with you. Have you tried the jerk chicken, burgers or patties yet? So good. These other drinks sound good too. You'll definitely be coming home 10lbs. heavier. Have fun shopping!

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    Try the vodka and ting. It's a good refreshing drink when the others get too heavy and sweet. Tell Katie in entertainment hello from Michael and Vicky. I didn't get to see her on our last day to say "see ya soon" (don't like "good byes")

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    Day Six...I can't believe we only have two days left, and yet it feels that we have been here for a lot longer which is really wierd. Today was awesome already. We took the hydrobikes out and biked our way through the water, but we soon had to return to get our snorkeling gear because we went on a boat ride to the reef today. Great day for it, saw lots of colorful fish, even though they were small. Now I'm hooked on snorkeling though and can't wait to do it again. We came back from that and played bingo at the pool bar, and then the "shit" game. This is a game where everyone has to think of a word ending with the word "shit." So, Frank was "dumbshit" and I was "chickenshit." Pretty appropriate huh? Well, you have to go around the pool and remember everyone's name when called upon and drink a shot if you can't. Well, I was lucky because the bartendar only made me drink a Jamaican cream rum shot. With that kind of rum, you almost want to lose this game lol. Well, gotta go, the catamaran awaits lol.

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    Glad you guys got to do the snorkeling. And two cruises. Can't wait to hear what you do next.

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    Day 5&6.
    Day 5 finished with a movie on the beach. It was pretty nice. They turned the chairs around and supplied us with popcorn but no Milk Pretty cool time even though I may have taken a bit of a nap in the middle of it. Maybe it was the waves that put me to sleep. It was a chick flick/romance so the nap was ok for the men.
    Day 6 continued. We had fun playing Jeopardy in the piano bar. We played with two other couples. One of the categories was Harry Potter and the couple next to us nailed most of them. They were from Canada, so in the second round it was tougher when the categories were the Oval Office and State Flags. Canada doesn't have either. They needed Alex Trebek and then they would have been fine. Alex is another Canadian and one of the categories would have been Canadian Prime Ministers and we would not have known them then. The other couple is a lot of fun and we've taken turns stalking each other. We keep doing the same things at the same time and we either show up first and they come second or vice versa. As winners of jeopardy we won an all expenses paid trip to Couples for a month. No, actually we had a choice of rum or some wooden parrot. Guess which one we have? We are accepting nominations for naming the parrot. Give us some ideas. Pg-13 or R ratings are ok. No XXX. Dinner again at the Bayside (Asian) Restaurant. Excellent again. Running out of days here Pretty soon we'll have to rename the post to Last Day at Tower Isle at this time. Because we have to come back !

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    Can't believe it's your last day already, I've been entertained all week reading your posts. Have a safe trip back, can't wait to hear all about it and see the pics.

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    Last night we went over to the spa for a look and ended up in the Buddha pool. Very nice. Very quiet over there. It was pretty cool. it was like our own little spa. We then went back to the room. Then we saw some storms out in the water. It was very imposing. Someone (you know who) asked me if we should pack our bags and get ready. I asked her, "ready for what?" I think she wanted to abandon the country cause of the storms. They were wild to watch. I think she got an hour sleep taking about 50 pictures that did not turn out. I did get a lot of pictures of the deck.

    Last whole day here,
    The coffee is nice and hot. The eggs are a little undercooked for me. So, I just ask them to cook that omelette a little longer and I got the usual response, "no problem". Someone is going to get a facial. We will see what happens today.

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    Things for most people to pack or bring:
    Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. I am a little on the fair side.
    Small Currency or dollars. Ones, fives and tens for tips. Although not really needed at the resort. Needed for off of it and bartering.
    Water shoes, aqua socks for Dunn's River Falls, and other things.
    Water camera. I was worried about mine, it's not waterproof. At Dunn's River Falls, the guides held onto it and took pics.
    I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

    They have a nice room for computer usage with about 10 screens for use.
    The gym is nice. Enough equipment. Now I only have to find out where it is located... lol. I have not been there that much.

    Your own self-serve ice cream. It's right next to the big pool. And close to the gym.

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    Hey WeAre.....
    Glad to see that ya'll had such a great time. I know today is a sad day for ya'll as the "GoodBye Bus" will arrive soon....if it hasn't already. Here is a word of caution for you. Get ready for a state of depression. Ask around on this MB and see if isn't true. When you get back to your stateside home, you will go through some form of depression. No matter how many times we go to Jamaica, even knowing that it will only be a short time until we get back "home", my wife and I still experience it. Now for the cure....get on this board and relive your memories, plan your next trip ASAP, and share your advice and stories with other "newbies" that you find here.

    Congrats, and welcome to "the family"!

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    Hi Erin and everyone else who is reading our messages, it was quite some night with the storm that passed through with bolts of lightening coming straight down from a huge white cloud hovering over the tower, but surrounding this cloud were the stars shinning brightly. Never saw anything like it before, but Frank was right. After taking several pictures, I think I only had one good one to show anyone lol. Needless to say, we were a bit tired this morning. Even though the sun, music, and great people help you wake up around here, the reality of leaving here is beginning to take over as we are savoring every second of our last night in this paradise. We went snorkeling again today, and it was even better than the first time we went. They are talking about a snorkeling trip to the shipwreck tomorrow so maybe we might catch that before we leave in the afternoon. We just came back from dinner at the Eight Rivers Restaurant. There is a gala buffet tonight, but we wanted something special for our last night. The restaurant is top-shelf, and we were not disappointed. They change the menu every Thursday, and the Baked Alaska was excellent!!! Just be prepared to bring dress attire if you are interested in going there. As everyone knows, all good things must end, and I think we are ready...sort of lol. Many of the wonderful people we met have left, and it sort of feels weird to be here without them. I think it helped us get ready to say goodbye, but there is no doubt that we will return. So, that is what we will choose to focus on to help transition ourselves back to reality. I hope that everyone has enjoyed our impression of this wonderful resort, and please do not doubt booking this trip. It is the best place to relax, have fun, and meet wonderful people from around the world. Please wish us a safe trip home, and we will be back.

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to post about your trip. It has been so much fun readying about your experiences.

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    Default sounds good

    I'm so glad you had a good trip. Welcome to the family.

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    Default Can't wait!!

    AWESOME!!! I can't wait... can you guys post some pics?

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