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    Default Ocean water warmth in March?

    Fiance and I are going on our honeymoon to CSA March 15-21 and I was wondering what the ocean water felt like? Is it warm like bath water or cool from just going through the 'winter' months? Thanks!

    Ashley & Scott

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    Nope, it's warm all year around! The lowest it ever gets in Jamaica is 73, so the water doesn't cool down in "winter". We've been several times during the end of March and everything be irie, mon!
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    Congrats... I am getting married at CTI in March too... We'll be there from March 13-March 20... There is also a board called Meet-Up and you can choose your hotel and there is a thread for the month so you can see who will be there when you are
    Chelsea and Zach

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    I was at CN this past March and the water was great. Felt a bit chilly in the a.m. when we tried some of the watersports and again in the evening when I was wading to shore from the Cat cruise. This was only because the heat of the day was gone. Nothing like in my neck of the woods, where the ocean temp barely reaches 70F in mid-August. Also I love looking down and being able to see my unpolished toenails

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    Water temp in March will be approx 80 F. The water temp. fluctuates from 79 F in Dec/Jan to 82 F in Jul/Aug.

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