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    Default No entertainment at The Palms? etc

    I read in a recent review that there was no longer any evening entertainment after dinner at The Palms. It had 'moved inside', accordinhg to the poster. Is this true? If so, whre did it move to?

    Another question - Have the Great House rooms reopened yet?

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    That sounds strange. The entertainment at The Palms has always been inside on the stage. Maybe they were confused with the beach party entertainment?

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    I was there last week and there was entertainment inside on the Palms stage every night. The beach party had been moved indoors due to the weather as well.

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    I read that too and I believe that person was there in Sept. We were there in Oct and it was the same as always. I'm not really sure why they didn't have anything in the Palms that week. There was entertainment in the Palms as usualy every night we were there in Oct though.
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