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    Default Newbies - New Years Eve

    We are looking forward to our first visit to Couples Negril 12/27 - 1/1! What should we expect on New Years Eve? Does the dress become formal? Thank you for your answers!

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    hi hh 667, yes they have a big party and most people dress for this just like you would if you were going some where fancy at home, they go to alot of effert so its nice to make one too!! you will love it !!

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    Just wanted to say that we are going for our first time to CN December 26 - January 2! See you there!!!! I am planning on a dress like a New years dress and my husband is planning on linen pants and a tommy bahama nice black shirt.

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    Newbies? Not for long, eh? Soon you'll be booking your next trip to Couples.
    This will be our second New Year's at CN. Last year we saw women in evening gowns, nice dresses, sundresses, pant suits, skirts and tops (more casual), men were anywhere from suits to shorts and t-shirts and everything in between. I wore a cocktail dress (black), hubby wore long pants and a polo shirt. You're on vacation, wear what you're comfortable in.
    Welcome to the Couple family!

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    Thank you for your replies. We are looking forward to seeing you at Couples!

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    We'll be there too, New Years for the 3rd time, many other times before.
    What an incredible party!!!!
    Wear whatever makes you comfortable (my wife has a nice dress, I wear linen pants & a nice shirt), have seen some people in formal wear. Drink, dance, eat, celebrate. You'll be back.

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    We did this a few years ago and all I can say is . . . WOW! We've done all sorts of New Year's events in big cities and this topped it by far. They had a fantastic buffet (get there early!) with huge Alaskan king crab and all sorts of other great stuff. They set up a huge stage with several great entertainers (no breaks in the music!) that went on and on.

    In terms of dress -- dress up if you want and many do. However, if you wear shorts and a top, it's fine too. You'll see everything. You will LOVE IT!!!

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