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    Default Richie's Birthday at CTI (crabracer)

    Hi everyone!
    Just recently completed our second trip to CTI and had an even better time then when on our honeymoon eight years ago!

    We met some wonderful people and made a ton of memories- one of which was sharing a birthday dinner with our new found friends Richie and his wife Sylvia! We bombarded Bayside with a group of 8 (originally meant as individual reservations of 2) and the staff was so accommodating at getting us a table together.

    Attached are some pictures of our trip and Richie's birthday dinner. The weather wasn't completely cooperative so we were shuttled to CSS for Sunset Beach. While it was wonderful to be there and a fun time was had by all, I was very happy to get back to the Island on Friday.

    We are planning on being back in two years and I am counting the days!

    Love to all our new friends!
    Lee Ann & Aaron Mitchell
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    Happy B-day Crabracer
    Irie Mon

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