My rasta hubby and I leave to CN in 12 days and are even enduring a 7 hour layover to get there the morning after Thanksgiving ( our original early flight was cancelled and it was either arriving late Friday night or leaving at 10pm thanksgiving night to Orlando and then a leave to Montego Bay at 7am and arriving at 9:30am ) and of course I made the decision to get there as early as possible! Want to soak in as much of my love island as possible.. because its what gets me through the daily grind or work, work and more work!!!

This is our 4th trip tp Jamaica and our first to CN.. can't wait... dreaming every night about it.. wishing that I were leaving tomorrow!!!!

So, to Couples... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You are truly heaven on earth.

My heart sings and my eyes smile everytime I think about you!
( Don't worry my husband's not jealous; he's in love with you too =D )