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    Default Which Restaurants at CN & CSA are a la carte?

    Can't seem to figure it out on the dining pages, but can someone tell me which restaurants at both places are either a la carte, or just buffet? Thanks in advance! 12 days to go!!!

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    At CSA, the Palms is the ala carte/buffet restaurant.

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    Cassava Terrace is the only buffet at CN. At all of the other restaurants at CN, you order off the menu.

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    they all are a la carte except the main restaurant is buffet a few nights and buffet for breakfast and lunch

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    Please?! For dinners only.

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    CSA - the Palms is buffet and the rest are a la carte. CN - Cassava Terrace is buffet and the rest are a la carte.

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    Palms is the only buffet restaurant at CSA, all the rest are a'la carte. Some nights Palms has both a buffet and a regular dinner menu.

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    Thank you everyone! Can't wait to get "home" next week! Woke this morning to a HUGE dump of snow!! Couldn't have come at a better time!

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