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    Default footwear for dunns falls

    Can we buy water shoes to wear there?

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    Get your water shoes before you leave home. It will save you They can be very expensive in Jamaica,especailly at Dunn's river falls
    Get them at Target, Wallmart, Kmart etc etc
    Get the rubber sandal type shoes with a heel strap. This way they won' slip off

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    yes and if you'd rather rent some you can along the road that leads to Dunns River Falls. I believe you can rent them at the park too? but not sure. Cheaper to buy them though. Have fun either way.

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    I visited Dunns River Falls a year ago. I took water shoes but remember that you could rent them at the falls.

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    I have always just brought my own rubber gripper sandals and had no problems, been bringing them and doing Dunns River Falls with them for the last three years. My husband uses his all weather sandals from Lands End, they have good traction and dry fast.

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    You can either rent water shoes for $5-$7 (as I recall) to wear on the climb or bring your own. We wore crocs, which mostly worked ok, but there were lots of little pebbles that I had to keep dumping out of my shoes. I am planning on buying an inexpensive pair to take with me, but mostly because I am not keen on the idea of renting shoes. However, a few couples on our bus did it and no one seemed to have a problem. The bus stops by the vendor on the side of the road, they ask how many pairs, and what sizes, then they hand the shoes into the bus so you can try them on, exchange $ and off we go. You don't get off the bus to pick-up or drop off the shoes and it's pretty convenient. I do not recall seeing any shoes to buy at the gift shop, but we did not go into town before we did the tour. Hope that helps!

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    They are sold in the gift shop and at Walmart in the States.
    Irie Mon

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    You can, or I believe you can rent them, but I would really suggest you buy them here and take them with you as they are quite a bit more expensive there. We got them at Walmart on clearance a couple of years ago for $1. They don't really take up much room in you suitcases either.

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    You can buy them there, but the selection of sizes may not be the best. If you get water socks at home, you know that they will fit. They don't take up that much room in the luggage, and you will have them for around the resort as well.

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    Yes or rent them.

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    Yes, there are some at the gift shop at the hotel, or if you are on the way to Dunns they will stop and you can rent them for $5 or buy for $15

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    you can buy them there, however it will probably be cheaper to buy them from a place like target or online before you leave

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    Yes you can, you can also rent a pair.

    We have been to Dunns River twice and on both occasions, the taxi driver also stopped on the way at a little stall by the side of the road selling/renting shoes, although these turned out to be slightly more expensive than the stalls at the falls.

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    The bus makes a stop at a roadside stand which sells/rents shoes for a couple of bucks.

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    I actually just bought some from walmart- they were $8.00

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    Bring your own from home. I wore river sandals which were perfect, they have a strap around your ankle. Our bus driver stopped on the way at the roadside stand as one of the guys in our group didn't have water shoes. He paid $15 for a pair from the stand. I thought that was a bit high, although the service was quite good - the vendor handed the fella a pair thru the window, he tried them on, they fit, and he handed the vendor $15. Fast way to do business.

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    Do not wear Crocs! I have Crocs and have always loved them, but they have NO traction whatsoever. All you need is a wet surface and they're deadly. Besides, they fit so loosely they'll come off.
    My friend recently wiped out wearing Crocs just on a wet deck and slipped and broke her ankle.
    Keep Crocs for DRY surfaces only!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GERRYA View Post
    The bus makes a stop at a roadside stand which sells/rents shoes for a couple of bucks.
    Yes it does.

    I think that buying from your hotel costs maybe double what it does to rent them for a day from the stall.

    Don't even think about doing the trip without the proper shoes, though. The DF trip involves plenty of both [very modestly strenous] climbing and [in some places maybe waist or even chest deep depending on your height] wading.

    I saw a couple who'd started off attempting it in either sandals or sneakers [I'm not sure which] and had ended up taking them off halfway up and doing the rest barefoot. They were putting on a very brave face but I'm sure the soles of their feet must have been cut to ribbons.

    Great fun though.

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    My husband and I are going at the end of Dec. and I got us great lace up water shoes at for $12.95. We've already gotten them and tried them on and they're great!!

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