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    Some friends who are golf lovers are thinking of joining us at CSA. We have never checked out the golf in Negril. Is the course nice and in decent shape? About what do you pay for a cart and caddy? We'd love for them to come, but don't want them to be disappointed because they'll probably want to play 2 or 3 times during the week.

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    Nan - My husband says the golf course is quite good for Negril, Jamaica. It is a fairways and greens kind of golf course... if you don't hit the ball straight, just go ahead and get another ball. The rough could swallow an elephant and the course is very hilly. Caddies are very friendly and knowledgeable about distances and reading the greens.

    Rental clubs are typical for any American course. I think the total, including tip for the caddy, ran $70 to $80. Plan to have cash on hand to tip the caddy though, as we found out they had to wait up to 30 days to receive their tip if you use your credit card.

    I went along with hubby as his personal camera woman. I really got a charge out of three or four Jamaican boys who ran the golf course looking for stray golf balls and then selling them back to the tourists playing golf. They were so cute! The views throughout the course were amazing and in my opinion well worth the trip.

    I'll try to attach some pictures of the course. Enjoy!
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    Ive played 3 or four times but i havent the last four trips its not that nice if your used to playing...its free transportations however take a cab and get there before the resort buses and your round will be alot quicker. Caddy fee and cart was like 20 pp
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    Nan if your friends are golf snobs then they will be disappointed with Negril Hills GC. My two buddies and I played twice when we were at CSA back in Dec of 2008. We almost always play golf when we go on vacation, that is unless the women have a better idea. We also plan on playing when we all return in 2011. The course isn't the lush, manicured type course that we play here in the states but hey we love golf and have fun anytime we play. We brought our own clubs and walked the course with the caddies so it kept the cost down. The caddies are very knowledgeable and are a lot of fun to walk with. I caution that there are some steep hills to climb in the heat but if they like to walk as we do it's manageable with a few cold Gatorades.
    Here are the approx. costs to play:
    Caddy fee - $15
    Caddy tip - $20 for 18 holes, $10 for 9
    Club rental - $15-20
    Cart rental - $40/cart (shared $20/person)
    Drinks on the course - $3.50 includes the tip
    Van driver tip - $5 each way
    I hope this information helps and your friends see fit to join you for a wonderful time in Paradise...aka CSA!
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    My husband and I play 3-4 times during each trip down to Negril. We usually only play 9 holes in the afternoon - depart after lunch and then we were back in time to finish off the afternoon at the swim-up bar before dinner.

    The course is not perfectly groomed, but they do their best to keep it in great shape. Beware it is very hilly (they don't call it Negril Hills for no reason!)

    We traditionally bring down our own clubs, so I cannot tell you what the cost is for renting, but my thoughts are that if you are going to play more than twice, I would recommend bringing down your own clubs.

    We have been lucky to have the same caddies for the past year (Sharon Stacie, and Rocky are all excellent). They make the game very enjoyable.

    We walk our 9 holes, and it is a really nice walk, since you are not carrying clubs.

    Looking forward to our first game on 16 Mar 11. We just put our clubs away for the season last week.


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    We've been to CN 3 times and we always played the Negril Hills course. I rate the course mediocre. There are much nicer courses in Jamaica (Half Moon or Tryall) but they are too far away. In June this year they started to remodel some holes on the back round, therefore we could only play the first nine holes. The course is pretty hilly and the greens are fast and sloping. But the greenfee is included and a round of golf is always a nice activity if you're on vacation. They charge US$14 for the caddy (plus tip) and US$35 for the cart. Club rental is US$18 per set.

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    Thanks for the help!

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