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    Default Recent pictures of CSA beach

    We are so looking forward to our upcoming trip Dec 18 for 11 nights. 7 at CSA and 4 at CN. We will be happy and have a great time no matter what the beach is like but I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of the CSA beach since the storms have gone through.

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    This was taken on 10/27/10.

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    The two pictures that this thread links to were taken before and after Nicole from the south end of CSA looking south down the beach. The 'Barry's Bar tree" lends perspective to the amount of beach erosion experienced. Don't let the pictures scare you, there is still plenty of beach at CSA for everyone. And Mother Nature will surely replace what was taken, eventually.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Quote Originally Posted by diztek View Post
    This was taken on 10/27/10.


    Will you try to post the picture again? It looks like it didn't work.


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    NeedBlueWater, love the pics! They really give you a good look at the difference before & after. I especially like the bright sunny day of the first one vs. the cloudy "after" pic.

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    Nice pic's. I had assumed this would be the case as we have seen the beach at CSA both wide and generous, and narrow and sparse. The tree and sign for Barry's is a well known landmark for CSA vet's and often referred to when describing the extent of beach erosion. As it has been said many times here, the ocean gives and she takes away. I'm sure once the storm season ends the beach will begin to heal and recover. It may take some time, but she always comes back. A few summers ago I remember not being able to walk the length of the beach at CSA without stepping in the water or using the paved path to avoid it. The erosion had nearly reached a point of washing out the path where it is closest to the water. Then last summer the beach was the widest we have ever seen it. It was glorious indeed.

    It's all good. For you new folks, don't be afraid to go down to CSA as you will have a wonderful trip regardless of the beach conditions. Even at it's worst the beach at CSA is one of the best I have ever visited.

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    Here is one from the week of Oct. 10-16:

    From what we were told, it is a lot narrower than it was before TS Nicole.

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    some pics from 10/22 - 10/29
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    Thanks for the pics!! I am so excited to make it back home. The fish tacos look amazing! Can't wait!

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    God I miss the fish taco's...the best I have ever had!!

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