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    Default Is size 5 feet a problem for flippers (snorkeling)

    We leave on Wed. for CSA. I am really excited to go snorkeling. I went out and bought my own snorkel mask as I am tiny and I need a kids mask. I just thought since its adults only, they might not have really small sizes. Does anyone know if they have size 5 flippers?

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    Buy a pair of wetsocks. Even if a pair of flippers say a 5, size varies.

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    Hi grayturtless,
    I normally wear a size 6, and at CSA they do have a few pairs of really tiny flippers - I fit into the 3/4, and I think they have a few child size ones as well, so you shouldn't have any problem!

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    Carolyn is the Watersports Secretary at CN and her email is If she doesn't know for sure about the fins at CSA, I'm sure she can point you in the right direction. She's very helpful.

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    Thanks so much. I am so glad that I don't have to go out and buy a pair of flippers as well. I am sooo excited. I love snorkeling! Two more days!

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    I wear a 5 1/2 and a size 6 worked out fine for me. The socks is a great idea!

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    I wear a 5 1/2-6 and have a very narrow foot. CSA had nothing that would fit me and stay on in the water. I'm not sure that there are kids sizes as kids cannot stay at the resorts. Luckily, another guest had adjustable fins and he let me use his while he used Couples fins and I wore socks. I own my own scuba gear but thought I wouldn't bother to pack, next time I will take my own fin, snorkel and mask.

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