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    Default Swept Away minibar & New Years eve

    Does the Atrium Room now have a minibar? I seem to have read somewhere that they were going to put minibars in that room category but wasn't sure if that ever happened.

    Also, my husband and I will be there over Christmas and New Years eve. What does Swept Away do for New Years eve and how formal or casual is it?

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    I cannot answer the min bar,however, CSS did a great job last year with New Years Eve. We are looking forward to CSA for New Year's Eve this year. My husband are planning to dress very well. Last year at CSS they were in dresses, (long and short)the men did the suits so I assume CSA will be the same.

    Food was awesome, and entertainment was great!

    My husband will compare CSS to CSA I can only hope CSA will be even better...However just being at CSA for the Holidays will be enough.

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