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    Default December 2010 Cti

    Hi we are going for our first visit to Cti and Jamaica , arriving 4th December for 14 days any ideas on what to do and see.
    Lyn and kev.

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    Hi Lyn & Kev,
    You are going to have an amazing time in jamaica and there is so much to do you wont get bored.
    Dunns river is a must and is included in your hotel package along with the plantation tour and cattamaran cruise. There are shopping trips to ocho rios most days and the visit to island village is the best one with loads of bargains on offer.
    I also strongly recommend a trip to 9 mile ( bob marleys birth place and home) amazing day out.
    I could go on for ever but would suggest a visit to the tour guide at the hotel in the lobby as she will have loads of other suggestions.
    We arrive on the 6th dec for 2 weeks ( visit number 14 ) so we will probably see you there.
    Steve& Kirsty.

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    Thanks for info will look out for you, you must like it there having been 14 times !!!
    Lyn & kev

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    My hubby and I have just decided to vacation at CTI Dec 4-11th for the very 1st time!!! Excited and hoping for a great experience and maybe meet new friends!!

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