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    Default What Do You Do?

    Well...we are just under a year before we get to return to our beloved Jamaica. And times goes slooowly!

    So, to help us feel the 'vibe' and survive until we return we will turn on a little of "The Joint" on Sirius radio and make an Appleton and Coke. The taste takes us right back to Couples and the music gets us up and groov'in.

    What do you do? What takes you back home?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Nice Thread Coloradojulie,

    I put on a Bob Marley t-shirt, wear my rasta beads and Jamaican bead necklaces, put my Ipod on In From the Cold and only wear 1 earbud so I can listen for the waves and palm leaves in the other... best done with eyes closed...

    goes good with a Redstripe or Sangsters Banana Cream rum on ice.....

    For halloween I went around our street complete with dread Rasta hat, guitar, and flip flops , was about 32 degrees f that night almost froze my toes...


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    We go out for Jamaican food every Thursday. The restaurant is very authentic, the food is great. It's funny though, we don't eat much true Jamaican food in Jamaica but we sure do at home!

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    Red stripe. It's all about the Red Stripe. That and i'll break out a few of the teeny bikinis and we'll lay in the sun. (but we live in Florida, so we can do that.)
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    Fire up Zac Brown's "Where the Boat Leave From / One Love" off of his album "Pass the Jar"
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    My wife also breaks out the teeny bikinis. I break out the red stripe. All's good having both! I am now in my serious fitness stage to get ready for CSS. Relax! Unwind! Forget! All is good!
    Jon & Heather
    May '05, Feb '11 - CSS

    Making arrangements for February 2012!

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    All great posts!!
    The Joint on Sirius radio is a must..also, there are some good reggae, island vibes from time to time that can be found on Margaitaville Radio from Sirius. Where the boat leaves from and Toes in the Sand from Zac Brown. Check out some Michael Frantini and Spearhead.

    But when I really want to get into the feel of it all. I break out the rum cream we brought home, get out the blender and make a pitcher or two of Dirty Bananas...........

    Now, for those of you that know of the Dirty Banana and wish you had one and for those of you who don't know but are certainly intrigued .... see below.

    This is probably the most popular "frozen drink" at any of the Couples Resorts. Taste like a milkshake, but beware, they're very "dirty"! This recipe makes a full pitcher.

    3 ounces Tia Maria
    3 ounces rum cream liqueur
    3 ounces dark rum
    6 ounces milk
    2 ounces simple syrup
    1 1/2 bananas

    Fill blender 3/4 way with ice.
    Add all the ingredients and blend well.
    Note: simple syrup is a mixture of 1/2 water& 1/2 sugar that is simmered until sugar is dissolved & cooled.
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    All I do is read the board and look at my pictures. I actually have a few on my screen saver both at home and at work.

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    Rum and pineapple, check out the dive log book and photos, ice cold Red Stripe, reggae music, a "Sun & Sand" Yankee candle (smells like beach).

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    Default Coffee & Rum Cream

    Every weekend we brew Jamaican BLue Mountain Coffee. I am often reading this message board to catch up.
    We also sip on our Sangsters Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cream. We are starting to run low - but wait in 76 days we will be back to stock up.
    Can't wait.

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    To help the time to pass by quicker we look at the countdown clock on our computer desktop, make some Blue Mountain coffee with some Tia Maria and enjoy some Red Stripe Light while in the hottub.

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    Put the Directv reggae station on. We always have red stripe light in the fridge and make some chicken once in a while with Jerk seasoning. Everytime we log onto our computer there is a picture from our visit as our wallpaper.

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