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    Default Where is the Repeaters Dinner at CSS?

    I noticed that it is at the "Heliconia Suites" but don't see a restaurant by that name...where is the "Heliconia Suites" on the resort?

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    Default Beach level


    The repeaters dinner is one of our favorite times at the resort. Great meal served with great insight into the resort.

    The Helconia Suite is attached to Palazina, which is where the buffet breakfast and lunch are. If you're standing in front of the restaurant, you want to head to the right on the path that goes by B block, and then go up onto the landing and it's right there.

    Alternatively, since many of the managers from the cocktail party head there, you could just follow them.

    Have fun!

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    In the building that houses the Pallazina. It's a conference room next to the south entrance to the restaurant.
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    The Helconia suite is right behind the Pallazina (sp) Rest. which is next to B block at beach level.
    They also use the He4lconia suite for meals during inclement weather for things such as the beach party

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    I am so glad I am not the only one to ask this question! Randy replied to my post a few months ago and he said the Heliconia Suites is the conference area behind Palazzina. None of the regular restaurants are large enough to hold all of us.

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    The "Heliconia Suites" is tucked in behind and slightly to the side of Palazzina, and is part of the same building that houses Palazzina.

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