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    My husband and I are coming to Jamaica for our 10 year anniversary at the end of November. We went to S for our honeymoon but have been taken in by the Couples resorts and would love to try one our. Our biggest problem is deciding which one! Right now I am thinking CN or CTI. What advice can people give to help us decide? And what rooms are best? Is there anything else we should look at when booking?

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    lindsayb...Go to my wifes review CTI-july2009 dated july 23rd. It should help. We just got back from CTI and celebrated our 10 year anniv. also. We LOVE Couples!! CTI just wasn't for us. We had fun and met alot of great people but the atmosphere wasn't what we were used to. When we stay at CN there are times when we look at a clock and say OMG its 2am?! At CTI most everything was ending by 10PM. We did the day trade at CSS and it was alot like CN in the fact that the staff couldn't wait to get you involved in some sort of games for the "couples dollars". The staff at CTI is very nice but i noticed you had to approach them more. Maybe thats the idea of CTI, Like i said CTI isn't our fit, but i will always go back home to CN! Dec. will be our 5th trip back.

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    We were at CTI the beginning of July and loved it. We've been to CN, CSS and CTI. Each one offers something that the other does not. We enjoy going between the 3 resorts. We love each one but there is something extra special for us about CSS. We love the smaller resort, the food is fabulous and the staff is great. We really enjoyed the entertainment there also. Whichever you pick for your first trip, you'll love it and maybe want to try the others.

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    Here is another perspective. I understand exactly what hawkgroup was getting at. Almost every couple falls in love with the first resort that they go to. In this case hawlgroup went to CN and there is where his heart is. We discovered the then COR/CTI in October of 1995. We loved everything we saw. Leaky faucets, condensation from the AC, sticky tight doors, needed paint plus. But she was the most beautiful creature we had ever seen. This November will be our 27th visit.
    We too tried one of the other properties, CSS. It took our breath away. Lush, quiet, inviting nooks. We didn't have a problem with food, or drinks, or anything. But when the ride was over and we had to get off and go home, we knew that we would probably not be returning to CSS. For all that was there, especially Sunset Beach, we wanted to "go home". And as they say, "Once you go, you will know, too".

    Look at the virtual tour pics. Read what others have to say. Then just listen to your heart. The wonderful thing about having to choose, you can't make a bad choice.


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    I totally agree with Richie. We got married at CSA,have been there 3 times now.We tried the sr and got CSS and while we were blown away with the food, service, grounds, and everything else there, we probably wouldn't go back.CSA is our home and like everybody says,you can't go wrong with any Couples resort, good luck!

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    Funny, we had the exact opposite reaction than Richie had. We visited CTI in December of 2003 and this past December were at CSA. Although we had a great time at CTI, we fell in love with the strolls along the paths sometimes getting lost going back to our room. We'd laugh about it and when we needed to get to the room in a hurry...yeah right...we'd take the path along the beach and knew exactly where to turn in. We hung out on the beach near the water sports shack and no one except the roving bar attendent bothered us for a thing. He did bother me with a few Red Stripes and Hummingbirds. The nerve of that guy! The early morning long walks on the beach were awesome too. Perfect to work up an appetite for some banana stuffed french toast...MMMMM. We kicked back with two other couples and one of them has been pushing for us to return again real soon. Too bad we have two daughters getting married this year and can't afford a trip right now...<sad>. I also fell in love with the spa/sports complex. I took an aerobics class and the instructor was excellent. Next trip I'll skip some walks on the beach and hit the gym. Another plus for CSA is the nights spent with Ultimate Chocolate in the Aura Lounge singing along or playing "Name That Tune". That time spent was priceless. I'm sure that no matter which resort you choose though your Couples experience will be great! Drop me an e-mail if you have any specific questions about either of the two resorts and I'll try to help.

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