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    Default average age of CSA vacationers?

    My husband and I are going to CSA on Friday for a week, and we are wondering if we can expect to meet some young couples while we are there?.. Though we want to enjoy our honeymoon 1:1, it would be nice to meet up with other couples from time to time for a drink.

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    Age is all over the place. Lots of newlywed 20 somethings. I would guess it is a pretty equal distribution of 20somethings, 30somethings, 40somethings, and 50+.

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    There are all ages and the average age is constantly changing as people come and go.

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    You will meet folks of all ages,have a blast

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    Hopefully you are open to meeting couples that may not meet the "young" specification too well. Yes, you will meet plenty of young couples. As well as some that are a bit more seasoned. All ages gather at CSA and have a wonderful time.

    Have a great trip!

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    We're in our early 50's (I just got my AARP Card...Wooo Hooo)....funny - we don't [I]feel[I] old, but one of my 20 something colleagues just made a comment to another 20 something about how he'll probably appreciate coffee when he gets to be "old, like 50 or so," and needs it to get going in the morning.....I think you'll find lots of young-spirited couples at CSA - we'll be crossing paths on your final Friday....Have fun!!

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    When we were at CN for our first trip, we ended up hanging out with a group of about 6 couples. 2 couples were in their 20's, 3 were in their 30's, and 1 was in their 50's. We all hung out together and we had a blast. Physical age is not as important as mental age. We are in our 30's and people always guess we are younger. The oldest couple was actually one of the funnest couples of the bunch. You will meet people that you jive with and from then on... no worries, mon!

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