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    Default This really stinks!!

    We booked SR through a TA which used "FJ travel". We called the TA today (Monday) was told by the TA that she would call FJ and find out where we are going. FJ told her that they might not know anything until maybe Friday.
    We are supposed to arrive on Monday Nov 22nd. I thought we were supposed to know today.
    Has anyone else had this problem before? I would like to pre register for our romance rewards as returning guests, but don't know what resort. Also would like to scout out the resort prior to get a feel of where things are.
    Very disappointed today.

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    I would try calling Couples directly. Nothing they do themselves ever "stinks!"

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    Yes it happens. We have booked the SR through the charter companies and did not find out until we got to the airport!

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    I would think this would add to the excitement. I would not want to know until I showed up at the couples lounge. It is not like you will pack any differently for different resorts.

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    thanks for the replys
    Seanmon has forwarded my query to reservation. Hopefully we will hear something today.

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    I thought the point of an SR was to not know until you arrive at the resort..

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    We called the 1-800 number today and found out we got CN. Can't wait. We have been to CN 6 times and love it.
    We are truly going home.

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    I would double check on the Romance Rewards also. I am not sure that you get or can use the rewards when booking the SR.

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