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    My husband and I have been to couples negril 3 times, we are checking to see if they have done any renovating lately. The last time we were there was march 2008. This will help us make our decision for next time we travel. I want to come back again. There is nothing like the beach at Couples Negril. Can't wait to come home. We went to CSS in March of this year loved the resort but not the beach. We love Negril the best.

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    What kind of renovations are you looking for? I know that they have put mini-fridges and flat screens in all of the rooms. But not sure what else. I will let you know though, only 23 days to paradise.

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    I am checking to see if they have done renovations on the rooms like the bathrooms. We usually stay deluxe beachfront rooms. I had thought I read on the mb that they were doing some renovations but I think they were in the garden rooms. That will be great if you can let me know. Thanks

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    I'm curious as to whether or not we should request Building 6...I heard they're in the middle of working on that building and I'd rather not listen to carpentry all day if I can avoid it. We're going in October.

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    Default Building work on Building 6

    While we where at CN the first two weeks in July building 6 was having renovation work carried out. Thw whole of the building was been done. I would think that it would be complete now. Im sure someone who has just came back could enlighten you further. Try the last week of july thread.

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    We just returned from CN yesterday. We stayed in building 8. Building 6 appeared to still be having work done.

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