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    Default CSA in March! Beach Busy??

    We are planning a CSA trip in March 2011.

    Can anyone tell me if the beach is super busy and if it's difficult to find a lounger (esp. in the shade) if you arrive around 11am or after lunch?

    We went to CN last March and found it super relaxing that we never had a problem finding loungers or a shady spot any time of the day!

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    Below is a picture of the beach at 11:45 am on March 5, 2010.

    From noon until about 3pm the beach is the busiest. If we get an afternoon rain shower most people go to their room and don't return. The rain may last 20-30 minutes and then the sun comes out.

    There is always plenty of room on the beach or up in the trees, for shade. You may have to drag some chairs to your spot, but you can always find shade. We are usually on the beach at 8:30 am, or at least my wife is. She is about 10 shades darker than I am.
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    At least 10 shades! Not a shade less. LOL

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