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    Default Our moment has arrived.

    Tuesday evening. 6:11pm We leave at 3:15 for the airport. The plane is at 7:00. In Charlotte by about 8:15-30. Arrive in Montego Bay around 11:00. The bags stand at the ready out in the living room. Not everything made it into the luggage. Consequently, there are clothes and gifts and other stuff that we now have to make a decision on. What goes. What stays.
    You would think that after 33 visits to Jamaica, 30 to CTI, we would have all this down pat.
    I'm sure that I will find some idle moments to post a word or two. Just look for the best intro ever: "LIVE from CTI".


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    Crabracers & Syl. Have a wonderful, wonderful vacation! I'll watch & look forward to your live reports! If by chance you & Syl bump into 2 Wisconsinites named Jim & Michelle (they've been @ CTI since Nov 5th - it's their 1st trip to JA) tell them Razzldazzl says hello! Oh - have a rumpunch for me... Yum! Razzl

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    We'll look for you there Richie & Sylvia. We arrive on Saturday. Looking forward to the CTI experience. We've been to both Couples in Negril, but this is our first time to CTI. Leave some rum for us.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We leave at 12:40am from Alberta Canada, We are first timers; packed and ready to go. I can't wait to experience CTI live!! Hope to see you there!

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    I want u both to have the time of your life!!! I look forward to any and every word that u may post.

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    enjoy yourselves Richie
    don't worry about us
    we can survive until you get back

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    Default I am sooo excited and ready to go

    We leave Saturday morning at 6 AM. The weather is rainy and blue here in Dallas, Texas. When we have an ounce of rain the flights stop. I do hope we do not get bumped due to flight delays today which is Friday. I have been reading all the reviews and it seems to be several newbies like us going too. Hope to see you all there.

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    Well, it looks like the Island has kept Richie away from the board, but he and Sylvia arrived safe and sound. I had the honor of meeting them in person last night at the main bar. Life is good and we are all having the usual, fantastic time at Couples.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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