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    Well be heading to CTI here in a few weeks and looking forward to hitting the links. I was wondering how far the course is, is the a driving range, should we bring golf shoes, balls and tees? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Breadman,
    I played golf while at CTI back in 2005 and my son in law played just last November. It is the "S-resort" course now but used to be called Upton before they bought it. The course isn't too far away, maybe 10-15 minutes, up on the hill outside of Ocho Rios. It is a nice course but not lush and manicured like we expect here in the States. Can't remember if there was a driving range but I wasn't there to warmup, just to have a nice day on the links with my buddy while our wives hit the spa. If cost is no option then you don't need to bring anything with you because you can buy or rent it all at the course. We brought our own equipment and shoes. Our bags were so heavy that our caddies, Tony and Cowboy, had to empty most of our stuff out at the caddie shack before we hit the first tee. I learned for my second trip to Negril to just bring the bare essentials, my carry bag, 6 golf balls, dozen tees, and a few towels & gloves. I have a big wheeled travel bag for my clubs and it has a compartment for my golf shoes so I brought them along. We walked with the caddies and we had a blast. No need to pay the almost $40 for the cart if you're in good shape and usually walk. There are no big hills to negotiate in Ocho Rios like there is in Negril, although we walked there as well. Enjoy your round...we sure did! If you have anymore questions I'll be glad to answer them for you.

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    The Course is only about 10 minutes away. I do not remember if they have a driving range or not, I do not think so.

    I play in tennis shoes when I play in Jamaica, do not want the extra weight.

    Yes, bring your own balls, tees, and a glove if you use one.

    Information on the course:

    Caddies are mandatory

    US$17.00 per caddy for 18 holes walking

    US$12.00 per caddy for 9 holes walking

    US$25.00 per caddy for 18 holes on shared cart

    US$17.00 per caddy for 9 holes on a shared cart

    As caddies are not employees of the resort, tips are accepted

    Yamaha carts are optional

    US$40.00 per cart for 18 holes

    US$25.00 for 9 holes

    TaylorMade rentals are available

    $45.00 for 18 holes or $30.00 for 9 holes

    All rentals available in ladies and gents, left and right handed

    Shoe rentals: US$16.00 (includes free pair of socks)

    Caddies are not included, but mandatory for all golfers. Carts, shoes and clubs are not included but are available for rent.

    U.S.G.A. Ratings

    Blue Tees
    Slope: 128

    White Tees
    Course: 69.90
    Slope: 125

    Red Tees
    Course: 69.30
    Slope: 120

    The Jamaica Golf and Country Club, located in Oho Rios, is a more formidable test characterized by narrow fairways and minuscule, drop-off greens. A par-71 18-hole layout measuring 6396 yards, it stretches out over a verdant, rolling landscape with sweeping views of sparkling sea and mountains cloaked in dense vegetation. While there are no major forced carries and few fairways bunkers, precision is key; ten holes are flanked by out-of-bounds stakes. Particularly vexing is the unassuming-looking par-3 13th hole on the course, but it packs a wallop with its treacherously shallow green fronted by a steep slope and backed by a hidden bunker.

    Hope this helps
    Irie Mon

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    There is a grass practice area at the golf course, where you can practice before you play.

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    Thanks for the info. Were just gonna bring our clubs. It will be cheaper than renting. How difficult is it to get early tee times? Does the course fill up quickly? How do we make tee times? Just want to be prepared ya know. Again thanks for everything.

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    You tell person at the concierge desk in the lobby a day or two before when you want to play. There really weren't any scheduled tee times. The van leaves at around 8am from the lobby but I think if you want to get an earlier start you can arrange for a taxi to take you there. They may have to alert the course that you're coming early the day before if you plan on doing that. We didn't have any problems getting on the course because only a few people were interested in leaving the resorts to play golf. Warning...I don't think the restaurants are open early enough to get a decent breakfast before you leave. At least this was the case at CSA. It would be smart to order the breakfast tray delivered to your room an hour or so before you leave so you won't have to go hungry. You might even bring a desert or two back to the room after dinner and put them in your refrigerator. I'm always thinking about my next meal and plan on doing this the next time we go to CSA in 2011. Enjoy your rounds!

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