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    Default CSS - Ocean Suite vs Beachfront Suite

    My husband and I have FINALLY narrowed down our vacation choice to CSS. This will be our first trip to a Couples resort. Now we are needing to decide the room category. It's between the one bedroom ocean suite and the one bedroom beachfront suite. Does anyone have suggestions on which is better or pros/cons of each? I've read that the beachfront suites are newer and have jacuzzi tubs, but that not all of them have a balcony/patio. Any tips or past experiences would be greatly appreciated!!

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    My wife and I just returned from CSS. We stayed in the Beachfront Suites. As far as I know all have balconies. I think the ones on the ground floor are more like patios. We had no complaints about the Beachfront suites. You are closer to the main beach and main pool. Plus you are closer to the restaurant that serves breakfast. We were in B Block 3rd floor. And yes we had a jacuzzi tub, but we never used it. Our favorite Jacuzzi was by the mineral pool. It is really isolated. At night, the odds are, you will be alone. So behave yourselves. LOL
    I am jealous. You will find that CSS is heaven on earth. Our stay there can be described as MAGICAL

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    Beachfront suites have balconies/patios but they are much smaller than those in the One Bedroom Ocean Suites. The Beachfront is close to the beach (hence the name) while the One Bedroom is up on the cliffs. We found the view from these to be better than that of the beachfront. The jacuzzi in the room is nice with the beachfront but we enjoyed the 3 jacuzzis on the property just as well. IMHO save the money and go with the one bedroom. You could use the money saved to have a candlelight dinner on the beach...

    Hope this helped,

    Bart & Bug

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    The Beachfront Suites all have a balcony/patio, but they are usally smaller than the ones on the One Bedroom Oceanview suites. The other big difference in the choice is the location. The beachfront are just that right by the beach, on the lowest level of the resort. If you have a ground floor you can walk right out and head to the beach. Where the oceanview are on the cliff. They can be in anyone of the other buildings. They usually have a gorgious view of the ocean. A couple of them have smaller balconies, but most have larger ones. We stayed in building D the two times we were at CSS (a one bedroom suite,and an ocean veranda suite.) We like both of them. The ocean suite was one flight up the building stairs, and the ocean veranda was right on the first level. The ocean veranda acutally looked out more to the beach section of the ocean, but it was really a great view. The onebedroom looked right out to the ocean. The only reason we choose the beachfront this year is because my husband has COPD and the steps were getting harder for him. But, they do have a van that will pick you up and take you up to the area you need to go.

    Take a look at the descriptions,(they tell you what buildings they are in) check out the pictures, and then take the one calling to you is my best advise.

    Welcome to CSS and I know you will have a wonderful time.

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    We stayed in the 1BR BFS when we were at CSS three years ago. Not that they're not nice, but I would never stay in them again. The balcony was small, the view wasn't THAT great. (in fact, we had a huge TREE in the way) and the living room was TINY.

    We should have requested a change up to the cliffside rooms (1 BR ocean suite) but I was trying to be low maintenance. Ha. We are going back to CSS in January, and we are staying cliffside this time. And I can't wait. That being said, we do NOT mind climbing stairs and are hoping for rooms in G block which is the furthest away from the activities. If you want to be more centrally located, you'll want the BFS rooms.
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    The beachfront jacuzzi suites will give you a great room, and if you get the third floor, you will have a wonderful ocean view, as well. And yes, they are the newest rooms on the resort. They all have a balcony, but it is very tiny, with only room for a small table, 2 chairs, and nothing else.

    The one bedroom ocean suites are found in the next 2 levels of the resort, up in the cliffs. The rooms are older, but have wonderful character. The ones in E block and G block will give you absolutely amazing ocean views, as well as a very large balcony, with a large table, 4 chairs and 2 padded lounge chairs (or a padded double lounger), and still lots of space left. Our preference is the one bedroom suites! OR, for just a little bit more, you could go for a penthouse suite, and have the best that Sans Souci has to offer! Send us an e-mail at if you'd like, and we'll send you some more information and some pictures of CSS.

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    We deliberated over the jacuzzi suite v one bedroom ocean view. If we had plumped for CTI we would have gone with the Jacuzzi suite but having looked at lots of photo's decided the beachfront jacuzzi was not for us.

    The room seems a lot smaller and is angled, also the jacuzzi does not look that big and I thought it looked quite dated.

    We have opted for the One bed ocean view so that we can get the nice views, and the double lounger hopefully.

    There on Tuesday cannot wait.

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    My husband and I just returned from our first trip to CSS. We stayed in the beachfront suites in the A block and LOVED the convenience. The jacuzzi was very roomy, the balcony perfect for breakfast, the living room is small now that I think about it but it had a couch, comfy chair, coffee table, two end tables and a large TV. I'm not sure what else we would have wanted in there. The bed was fantastic. Pallazina was our preferred lunch/dinner spot and it's nearby as is the main pool, pool bar, beach, beach bar, and Bella Vista/Beach Grill.We plan to return next year and we'll go with a beachfront suite. (Yes, 3rd floor would have more ocean view than our second floor.)

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    We LOVED A block, (beachfront suites)

    ours was on 3rd floor, great ocean view, corner balcony.

    the best location on the property, we like to visit the room during the day for bathroom breaks, can be quite a hike to the other blocks.

    Most of the restaurants/activities are on the same level as A and B block.

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