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    Default Luggage getting lost/delayed from flight?

    This will be my first trip to Jamaica, and I am very nervous about my luggage getting lost or delayed by the airline. Has anyone had any bad experiences with this? Any advice?

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    This has happened to me only once and it was years ago coming home from Italy. Because of that I am always worried about it but it has not happened since. (knock on wood) But on this last trip when we got home I realized our suitcase that had our hygiene items had been rifled through. I am sure it was security but I was very angry because all my my little bags of stuff were dumped out and things were leaking. The whole siite case was a complete mess. I understand if they needed to look in it for whatever reason but there is no need to ruin my stuff and make a complete mess out of my suitcase. That was the first time that had happened to me.

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    No I haven't had the experience of losing luggage, but I am always sure to pack about one day's worth of clothing in my carry on just in case. More than likely your luggage will be returned in 24-48 hours if that does happen, I think. Just pack a change of clothes and swimsuit and you'll be fine if it gets lost!

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    I would say don't worry! I travel a fair bit, and have had my luggage delayed (never lost) a few times. It has always been delivered by the airline within 24 hours. Fortunately this has never happened to us on our 9 trips to Jamaica.

    Think good thoughts, you will love Couples and love Jamaica!

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    When my husband and I went in September, his bag showed up, but mine didn't. I just had to fill out a form with the airline and as soon as my bag showed up they sent it to the resort. My bag ended up getting on the flight after we arrived. We got in on a Friday morning and I had my bag at 7:30 Saturday morning. Just make sure to pack a swimsuit and change of clothes in your carry-on and you'll be fine. Normally, something like that would have really upset me, but there is just something about the island. Once you get there you really don't care

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    had a problem a few years back, got her luggage the next day but mine of course was there, since then i cross pack, split 50 - 50, i tell her to lay everything out, as far as outfits with shoes and such, then i pack accordingly, no worries when you do it that way, waynef

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    We leave tomorrow (Yeah!) and we will have 1 checked bag each. A couple of my wife's outfits will be in "my" suitcase and some of my things will be in "her" suitcase. That way, if one of the bags get lost, we at least each have a couple of days worth of clothes to give the airline a chance to catch to us with our missing bag. And we will each have a bathing suit in our carry ons, so no chance of us being without at least one swim suit each.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Likewise to date we have been lucky but we have seen some badly damaged hard cases going round the conveyors. If you are really worried as there will be 2 of you probably taking 2 cases split your things into each case, that way you have at least half of your stuff if 1 case doesn't turn up until a couple of days later.
    Dave and Chell

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    Yes, D-E-L-T-A Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive

    I always pack a few things in a carry-on (shorts, sandals, toothbrush)

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    Lots of good advice here. I travel every week for work, and fly most of those times. In 20 years, the only time an airline absolutely lost my luggage was when I had a tight connection and I missed my flight. No telling what happened to my bag - the airline ended up reimbursing me for the contents. The moral of the story, though, is make sure (if you have a connecting flight) to leave enough time between flights (an hour in most cases is good). Airlines will "say" that 40 minutes is a "legal" connection, and it may be, but not if you are checking bags. And if you are lucky enough to have a direct flight, be sure to get to your home airport in plenty of time to check your bags (at least 1 hour 15 minutes).

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    When I was a kid we went to Florida and our luggae was delayed (I think we did get it later) I do remember so well that we were dressed for winter with no beach wear or summer clothes.
    So as an adult traveller I won't let that happen to me. I always carry at least one swimsuit and cover up, flip-flops, underwear, and at least one dress for dinner (w/sandals) in my carry on. He takes shorts, swim shorts, t-shirt, underwear and at least one outfit for dinner in his. Ok, really I stuff my carry on with as much as will fit, and put all my favourite items in there.
    We also cross pack 50/50 in our checked bags. It's paid off. Our last trip was a cruise out of Puerto Rico and 1 bag didn't show up until late that night. It wasn't a worry as we had more than enough to cover the delay. The his/hers suitcase packing is a really bad idea since it's often only 1 bag that goes missing and it's not like he can wear my clothes or vice versa! LOL

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    If you have to wait a while to get through immigration you might find that luggage from your flight has been coming through when you get to baggage reclaim and some "helpful" soul might have taken your case off the carousel and left it standing next to the carousel instead.

    This happened to us earlier this year and thought we might have lost one of our cases for a while.

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    We have notoriously bad travel luck (seriously, the stories I could tell . . . ). As far as we're concerned, checking our luggage is the opportunity for one more thing to go wrong. While luggage may be lost infrequently, we know it would happen to us.

    We've had to travel frequently on business and have become very efficient packers. In our 18 trips to Couples, we've traveled with carry-on luggage only. On most of our trips, we've seen at least one couple whose luggage was delayed. A couple of years ago, there was a couple that didn't get their luggage until the fourth day of their vacation. They hadn't packed any clothes into their carry-on, so they had to buy things to wear at the resort.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Never had a problem with our luggage not showing up. Just some other problems like they broke the leg off of one of them, a bottle of Rum broken, (boy did my clothes smell then) and a missing money clip my hubby put into the checked (meaning to put it into the carryon- just dropped it in the wrong one). However, just got our reservation from our TA (22 days to go), and noticed we didn't have any seats assigned for either of the two flights we are on heading to Jamaica. I am not comfortble with that since I don't want to be pumped off on the way to Jamaica (If they want to do it on the way home -fine). But, called my TA and she is handling it and has gotten some seats assigned to us. (that's the reason I use a TA)

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    Packing a bathing suit in a carry on is a very good idea.

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    on our last trip to CN our bags did not make the connection
    so all of us from Boston watched the bags go round and round and we were the only ones left
    we went to the lost luggage desk and filled out a form. They ask what was in your luggage and we looked at each other and said "clothes" But they wanted more info, and the clerk asked did you have a toiletries bag, what color, did you bring a towel, what did it look like, they were very helpful at the desk, so make a list of things that could be used to identify your luggage --when you pack mix his and hers into the suitcases, if one is lost you have some clothes, and always pack a day of clothes, swimsuit, medications , and any thing else you need to get thru a day or so, our luggage showed up about midnight that day -No problems Mon

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    Our luggage was delayed last year on our trip to CSS (due to a very quick connection in Atlanta). We filled out a form at MBJ airport, which told them where we were staying, and headed out to CSS on the shuttle. We had taken shorts in our carry on bags so were able to change and were comfortable for the rest of the day. Our luggage was delivered to our room that evening. Inconvenient? Yes, but it certainly didn't have any effect on our trip.

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    In 12/2007, we spent 48 hours at CSS w/ no luggage.

    We travel to the Caribbean/Mexico 4-5 times per would think that we would have known better.......but, alas, we were cocky & didn't have anything in our carry-on backpacks (no extra clothes, toiletries, etc...).

    Let me tell you, it's reeeaaallllyy hard to find toiletries (or anything for that matter) in Ocho Rios at 11:00 at night (luckily a gas station had a mini-mart open & we found some stuff there) !!

    The next morning, we ended up buying some other toiletries in the gift shop, as well as bathing suits & some t-shirts. Our travel insurance reimbursed us for almost everything.

    Lesson learned the hard way of things to bring in carry-on:
    ---pack a change of clothes (& clean underwear !!)
    ---if you wear contacts, pack a travel size Renu AND your contacts case (we had to buy shot glasses in the gift shop to put our contacts in -- didn't reimburse us for those !!)
    ---pack a toothbrush & travel sized toothpaste
    ---pack a brush if you have long hair
    ---pack a travel size deodorant
    ---pack a few single-use packets of liquid Tide (in case you need to hand wash anything)

    ---KEEP RECEIPTS of anything you buy if your luggage is delayed. Insurance wouldn't have reimbursed us if we didn't have the receipts (or, maybe not as easily).

    Throughout our luggage fiasco, the Guest Services rep at CSS was wonderful & took care of making all of the phone calls to find & deliver our luggage to CSS. If this does end up happening to you, ask Guest Services at your resort for help (they have plenty of experience w/ this !!).

    And, out of 39 tropical vacations, that was the only time that we had luggage problems, so, as others have said, chances are, it won't happen to you. But, be prepared w/ your carry-on just in case.


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