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    Default Jamaican security & wearing a cast???

    We are leaving for Couples on the 18th & my husband is having surgery in the morning on his hand. He will needs metal pins and a cast after it is all over. My concern is not about US security screens; the TSA website informed me there. My concern is about him traveling out of Jamaica with his cast on. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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    Just as there won't be an issue going through security here in the US you will not have trouble leaving Jamaica. They are also trained and know what surgerical pins are.

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    I did it with a cast on my leg and metal pins. I had no problems. It just took a little longer.

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    You never know with the folks at MBJ ..... Last year I saw them make a man with a prosthetic leg take it completely off and then go back through the metal detectors .....
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    I was in Jamaica in May 2010. I have a Birmingham Hip resurface and in the US I must go through hand screening in the special area by TSA. In Jamaica, no problem mon, walked right through metal detector at MBJ.

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    When we traveled in the US with our young son in a cast, they pulled us out of line and made us do a chemical test on the cast. In their defense, he had had surgery on the elbow, and the cast was HUGE.... but be prepared.
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    I'm not sure about Jamaica, but when I went to Cuba with a cast (with a stop in the states), I was pulled out of line, the cast was tested, they did a quick "sweep" with their fingers in the cast, and were much more careful about putting me through the detectors. I also got searched more thoroughly. My cast was removable/hinged, so on the way home I was told to remove it.

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    Although metal detectors in the airports bring a lot of inconvenience to us, they are indispensable for the security of public safety.

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