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    Default Couples Negril vs Couples Swept Away

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking to book my honeymoon and can't decide between Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away. Can someone please advise the difference and which one they would recommend?

    Thanks for the help

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    Been to both resorts going back to CSA for the 11th time 4-12 dec 2010. CSA is the choice... with that being said whatever you choose its your honeymoon and youll have a blast
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    You open a can of worms when you ask this question. Fans of CSA will suggest that one and fans of CN will pick that one.

    The truth, I have found, is that which ever one speaks to you is the one that you should go with. They all have their pros and cons.

    For us it is CN, we are headed back for our 7th trip next year. But randi&sherri are right, which ever one you choose you will have a blast.

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    This is probably the hardest decision you will have to make with regards to your trip. Both are wonderful resorts. We favour CSA in general as we like the layout of the rooms and how spread out the resort is. Our friends prefer CN as they like a lively pool (CN pool is more of a focal point than the pools at CSA) and like nude sunbathing. We like the buffet at CN better but the sit down restaurants at CSA more...all of the food is fantastic so it isn't like you're having to choose between McDonalds and Burger King. The only suggestion we would have is take a look at what you want to do and see which resort suits your style better. The other thing is sign up for the Romance Rewards and do a "trading places" day...We did it and loved the experience, it also meant that we knew a bit more when we booked at CN and arrived. Both resorts are fantastic and will most likely be the best vacation oyou've had until your next trip to Couples.

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    As the post's above said, whichever you choose, you will have a great time. It seemed for us, and several we talked with, that the very first resort you visit is the one easiest to call home. We've been to CSA twice. The second time, in Oct. 2009, we did the trading places and went to CN for a day. There were four other couples that went with us. The unanimous vote was, there's no place like home. We were all ready to go back to CSA before the 4:00 depart time. Don't get me wrong, we really didn't find anything wrong, it just didn't have the feel of CSA. Lot's of differences between these two resorts. Both are nice. It's just what appeals to you. For us, home is CSA. You'll have a great time wherever you go. After all IT'S COUPLE'S !!
    Ken & Gina

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    I am convinced that 95% of the Coupleholics like the first Couples Resort they went to more than any of the other three.
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    Default meesh_01 - CN vs CSA

    Search back to my thread dated March 19, 2010. Lots of good responses to this question. F.Y.I., we booked CSA for 2011 and are comfortable with our choice and change. Best advice given was "go to the resort that is calling you the most". You won't go wrong with either one!!!

    CN = 2010
    CSA = 2011

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    This is a WIN WIN situation. Both places are awesome. Look carefully at all the pictures and choose the one that is calling to you. You can't go wrong. But beware- you will be hooked for life. We are going back to CN for our 7th trip this summer (just like Blondie)

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    Go to whichever calls to you more. Too many have favs on here.
    Erika & Sean

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    Yep, go to the one that calls you. Our travel agent loves CN and she recommended it highly, but there was just something about CSA that called to me. I booked CSA and we fell in love with it. My hubby thanked me profusely when we did the trading places day visiting CN, he was so happy we were staying at CSA. CN was just not for us.

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    Default Been to both

    Let me try to help you out. My wife and I stayed at CSA and got married there. We then left and stayed at CN. 5 days at each place.
    Not taking the wedding into consideration----we both enjoyed CSA much much more.
    The style of the resort is what made my decision.
    CSA is far more wide open and spread out with many differnet places to hang out and enjoy yourself. Also the spa/sports complex is amazing.
    CN is more centeralized and has more activites that you are more or less forced into if you want to be near the pool/bar.

    The rooms were comparable---CSA seemed more updated/modern.

    Honestly you can't go wrong with either really just depends on you.

    My descriptions and comparisons are the tip of the iceberg. I only described what swayed us towards CSA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweptAway09 View Post
    . . . . CN is more centeralized and has more activites that you are more or less forced into if you want to be near the pool/bar . . . .
    How odd. In our 14 trips to Couples, we have never felt compelled, much less "forced," to participate in any activity.

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