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    Default Toiletries at CSS

    Hello, I am wondering what toiletries we will find at CSS - shampoo, soap, lotion...etc? Thanks!

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    Yes to all of those. And they will also have aloe if you get too much sun.

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    how about bubble bath or should i bring my own? (hoping to get a bathtub in my room )

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    They do not provide bubble bath, but I like the idea of that or the little dissolving bath salts... I am guessing you didn't book a jacuzzi room, but if you did, you'll want to be sure what you bring is compatible (like you would get at a pool & hot tub place).

    I thought the toiletries met the needs of the minimalist and the aloe was a nice extra. I still bring my own shampoo & conditioner, so if you are checking luggage and have room, I would recommend bringing your favorite from home.

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    Bring hair conditioner if that sort of thing is important to you. The shampoo/conditioner provided is fine for most folks, but sometimes you may need a bit more detangling help with all the sun, wind, swimming and salt water. The jacuzzi baths will work better without any bubbles added.
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    Hi - we have booked the deluxe ocean verandah - I understand that some of those rooms do have a bathtub or should I just leave my bubbles at home?

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    We recently stayed in a deluxe ocean verandah - no bathtub but an enormous shower, big enough for a party!

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