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    My husband and I have stayed at CN in a Garden Suite and loved the jungle like feel and privacy being tucked a little away, but we were still a short walk to everything. We are planning on trying CSA in April and are wondering which room will be best for us. We would like to be in a more jungle feel and have privacy, but not a long walk to get everywhere. I like the Atrium Suites but my husband has to have a TV. We are debating on the Garden Verandah Suite (concerns of road noise and location, are they all very far from everything?) Or the Great House Verandah Suite (concerns they are not very private and more "hotel" feel?) Any help would be appreciated!

    Also, I can't remember if we signed up for Romance Rewards on out last trip in 2009,(we never thought we'd ever go on the same vacation twice) if we didn't is it too late to be considered a repeat guest?

    Thanks for you help!!!

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    No it's never too late to sign up for Romance Rewards. Just click on Romance Rewards and give the dates of your last stay and they will verify this and sign you up. If some time goes by and they don't update your account, contact Couples and they will make sure it is done.

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    Thank you Jimnmariann!

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