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    Default romance rewards seeing other resorts

    My FI and I are honeymooning to CTI in July, and we were seriously contemplating visiting CSS for a day while we were there, have any of you guys ever done that where you've visited another property, i know its available to romance rewards members.

    Is it worth while??

    I know there is no charge for visiting another resort for romance rewards members, but does that include transportation??

    How far away from each other are the two properties??

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    CTI and CSS are about two miles apart. Couples provides the transport. It's nice to see the other resort, to see if you may want to visit in the future. We did the trading places, and we've stayed at the other Resort before. It's just a nice change.

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    It's definitely worthwhile! And nice for a change of pace, especially if you are there for a week or more. They pick you up at your home resort around 10, and then drop you off at the sister property. It's about a 10 minute drive in Ochi. Then, they pick you up again at 4 and take you back home. No charge for the transportation, and it's really nice to see the other place.

    We'll probably do it in January when we're at CSS, even though we've been to CTI. Although who knows... beach inertia may kick in and we may find that we stay right where we are.
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    Perfect!! Thank you guys so much for the helpful input!! I'll definitely have to tell FI the good news!!

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