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Thread: February 2010

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    Single digit dance rocks! Our's started today.

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    Oh Kevin, darn. But I'd keep on trying right up until the day. Someone is bound to check out early due the huge bunch of crazy people taking over the place! If not we will be sure to "photo shop" you in.

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    Cool, I like that idea. I know all of you have to have at least one pic of Karen and I.
    We will definitely have to have a naked drink in the hot tub on Valentines and toast everyone.

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    Hello fellow coupleholics rick and virginia from Revere Ma here Feb 24_Mar5 trip # 15 to couples last year stayed at CSS loved it but cant wait to see the changes that were made at CTI hope they aren't to many really liked the Grand Lady before and are getting excited just passed the 4 week mark started packing today figure we will pack one thing each day and we will be all set see ya's all at the bar drinks are on us!!!!! Iree mon

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    Default Returning to CTI

    Dave and Candide
    Feb 17 - 27
    Saskatchewan, Canada
    2nd trip to CTI
    We are bringing 2 other couples on our returning trip.
    Can't wait!

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    Started the single digit dance yesterday!!!!! Can't wait.

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    Hey Donna, Mary and Andy here, going to be at CTI the same dates...let's have a drink! It's our Honeymoon mon! ~YAY~

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    Also, we are from Wisconsin, and it is -10 degrees here, yes, minus ten degrees....8 days till Jamaica!!!! Get me outta this frozen 'berg, mon!

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    Andy and Jill
    6th-13th February, from Toronto,
    Second time to CTI, 16th time to Jamaica!
    Looking forward to some sunshine!

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    We will be there from Feb 5th-15th. This will be our 2nd trip to CTI. This will be our delayed honeymoon trip...Married end of Aug. Traveling w/two other couples who will be visiting for their first time. Hopefully they will embrace this resort & Jamaica the way we did.

    Want to apologize in advance to those arriving after the 15th...The island may be out of Red Stripe when you arrive!

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    Agree keep trying Kevin, won't be the same without you. Can't wait to see the rest of you so to speak.... Already packed the wifebeater!

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    hey guys, we'll be there from the 23 to the 1st, we are getting married there with 8 from our family. We are So Excited!!!
    dj and mary

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    Jaimie and Penny: Tx. for the spreadsheet. I printed it, and I think I'll update it while my granddaughter is sleepin... 7 MORE DAYS!! No more freezin my muffins off! YAY!

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    All packed, were off in the morning!!!! Yea. Heading into the Blue Mountains then on to CTI!! Cant wait.
    See you all on Feb. 5th.

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    Here's Jamie & Penny's list updated.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    The spread sheet would not let me enter: Bob $ Sharon from
    Maryland, arrive 11th depart 17th. Thanks

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    Default Added to the list

    I noticed that a few couples were not on the spread sheet.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Default 4 Days to Go!!!

    I was happy to see we made the spreadsheet. :-)
    Can't wait to get out of here.
    Got my sunscreen and toothbrush...I'm pretty much ready to go.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.
    We're hard to miss... Steve is 6-4" and I am 5-10".

    Quote Originally Posted by nikki.josh_Kwajkid View Post
    I noticed that a few couples were not on the spread sheet.

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    Cleat & Cami, Fort Davis, Texas - Feb 14 - 19 First time to Jamaica celebrating 20 years

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    Brian and Starr are from the 20-26 as are Mark and Sharon from ohio.(not on the list yet)

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    12 days to go! We are so excited!
    Dave and Candide
    Feb 17 - 27
    Regina, Sk, Canada
    2nd time to CTI and we are bringing 2 other first timer couples.

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    Terry & Jay, Grand Cayman, 12th to the 19th

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    the weather looks really nice for the next week! maybe a couple of showers on sunday, but otherwise, just a little cloudy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay&Terry View Post
    Terry & Jay, Grand Cayman, 12th to the 19th

    Oh, this is gonna be good INWSD?

    Do you think we should all just apologize to Mr. Henry in advance???

    Be there in 6, see you in 7

    -The Captain

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    Default 2 and a half feet and counting...

    14 days to get out of this mess.

    Jamaica soon come!

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