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    Default First time to CN! Have questions!

    Hello this will be our first trip to CN and an all-inclusive. Just wondering if I can get some tips. First not quite sure how they define resort casual. Trying to figure out what clothes are truly needed for this trip. Also any tips on what to do or not do? We are coming Nov 24th - Dec 1st..any one else traveling those dates?
    Thanks..super excited and counting down the days!

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    From the FAQs:

    What is the dress code?

    During the day normal summer and swimwear attire is appropriate.

    Beach Grill:
    Swimwear is permitted.

    Breakfast and Lunch:
    Swimwear must be dry and covered. No bare feet. Shorts / t-shirts / flip-flops are most common.

    Gourmet restaurants and repeat guest dinners: Summer or cocktail dress and sandals, or skirt and nice top for women. Dress pants, khakis, shirts with sleeves and collar and dress shoes for men. Jacket not required. (Elegant dress sandals are allowed). Jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops are not permitted.

    Other restaurants:
    Resort Casual - shorts with a nice shirt/blouse and sandals are allowed.
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    You can pretty much wear shorts/swimsuits at all times, except at Otaheite, which requires slacks and closed-toe shoes for guys and normal dinner attire (like a sundress or something) for girls. All other restaurants prefer shoes and no swimwear at night, but it's pretty lax as far as dress code. Nothing is too formal. As for tips, if you read around the msg board, there are some pretty decent suggestion lists, but my best advice is:

    1) Sign up for Romance Rewards online right away. It takes a bit to get set up and you can get a pass to go to CSA for one day for free, if you get set up before you get there.
    2) Take the catamaran cruise. It's free and really fun. There's cliff diving there, if you so desire.
    3) Don't worry about bringing too much cash. At the resort, the only place you need cash is in the shops, which also take credit cards, or to tip the spa staff, if you use that service. The other staff members are not allowed to take tips and can get in trouble if caught.
    4) If you want to go to waterfalls off-resort, don't waste the long trip to Dunn's and back, just take the Black River Safari/YS Falls tour. We did it and it is a really fun trip.
    5) We haven't done it, but I heard Rick's Cafe is totally not worth it. The catamaran cruise has plenty of cliff diving at Pirate's Cave.
    6) If you haven't gone scuba diving before and are cool with swimming in the ocean, take advantage of the free scuba dive. They give you a complimentary pool course and shallow dive in the ocean, so it's a great opportunity to get acquainted with scuba.
    7) Eat some of the real Jamaican food. Jerk chicken or fish, beef patties, or curried goat. (A bunch of us went off-site to Cosmo's one night and I braved the curried goat, which was phenomenal).

    We are going to be there the Nov 20-27 and are in our early-mid 30's. I saw one of your other posts, wondering about anybody else in their 20's and 30's, so we should hook up by the pool bar for a Bob Marley shot (which sounds much better than it tastes!).

    See ya soon!

    -Dan & Carrie

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    Resort casual means shorts/shirts or dresses for most restaurants. Men will only need one pair long pants for reservations dinner. Don't take a lot of dressy stuff unless you just like to dress up. We wore bathing suits with cover ups all day and then very casual clothes for dinner. You are going to love the All Inclusive experience. It blew me away the first time we went.

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    We have been to CN four times in early December. You will love it there. I waaay overpacked on the first trip. We hang out on the beach most of the day. After early morning exercise, we dress for the beach, me with a cover up over swimsuit and my husband puts on a t-shirt with his swimwear to go to breakfast. Bring your beach bag with you!!

    We don't change again until we go back to the room to shower and change for dinner. (I brought all kinds of shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, etc. that I never wore.) Most people wear something nice but casual for dinner. It's still very warm, even in the evening. I brought cardigans for evening that I never needed. Only if you dine in AC you might need a "little something"; I am not a fan of AC. I prefer sundresses, lightweight cotton dresses like you would wear to an outdoor summer wedding for example. I also brought a nice skort with sparkley tank top and dressy capris. For the guys, tailored shorts with dressy sandals or boat shoes for dinner; some fellas wear long khakis. My husband puts a short-sleeved polo with it and he now has a few "tropical" button-up shirts that he takes to Jamaica to wear alone or layered over a crisp t-shirt. You need only the smallest purse for your lipstick and room key!

    Tip: Bring hot weather clothes in your carry-on and change in the bathroom at the Couples Lounge in the airport. You will be much more comfortable on your shuttle ride to the resort. I change into hiking shorts, tank top and teva sandals. I also bring a swimsuit in my carry-on. That way if your luggage is lost or delayed or they hold your luggage if your room is not ready, you can enjoy the beach or pool. will not be disappointed.

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    We were at Couples Negril 5 years ago....GREAT TIME. During the day you are in your swimsuit (or not) and a cover-up. Depending on what night restaurant you choose, a Nice sext sundress. My hubby wore a nice pair of khakis and a nice shirt....that's as dressy as people will be. Do EVERYTHING or nothing. We went water skiing, scuba, CATAMARAN cruise is a must...and pay a dollar to jump off the cliffs!! We met people and had dinner w/them and also had romantic dinners by ourselves. Other than walking to a marketplace, we never left the resort because there was no reason to go! I go on approx 2-3 vacations a year, and Couples is still the best ever!!

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    Thanks so much for all your answers..I am sure I will over pack as it is my nature to! Plus I love dressing up on vacation! But now I know what's what and have no worries. Thanks for the tips..we definitely will take heed of them. Oh Dan and Carrie we should hook up for a cocktail or two! Thank you to everyone..counting down the days on my calendar!

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