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    Default SSB made our vacation the most fun ever

    Just got back from a week at CSS. We had never been to an au naturel beach before and although we were a bit hesitant, we gave SSB a try on the 2nd day of our holiday. We never went back to the other beach. Everything you have read is true - the people are much friendlier at SSB, it is a prettier beach than the main beach, the staff are wonderful. It really made our vacation special. It felt a bit odd to walk up to the bar for the first time and order a drink naked, but I got over that in about 2 minutes. Never thought about it again. We had laid back days at SSB where we just enjoyed a quiet time on the beach, and we also had wilder days at the SSB pool, where we played games (bingo and trivia are much more fun naked) and participated in body-painting (thanks again, Robert). Lots of laughs and good times, it was a vacation to remember thanks to SSB. Do yourself a favor and give it a try early into your stay!

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    And Now You Know!


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    Default Annarundel

    I so need a break from things. Looking forward to seeing the two of you. We don't arrive until Monday maybe we will see you in time for lunch.

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