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    Default How early are they leaving for the airport?

    Last time we were at CN, they had us leave at 6am for a 12:30 flight! We have never had to leave that early but were told road construction may cause delays and they didn't want us to miss our flight. We were there so early we couldn't even check in because the airline staff wasn't there! Are they still making you leave so early? Ive been reading the roads are good

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    We had a 12:50 flight on 10/30, and we left CSA at 9:00.

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    We were at CSA in September. We left 4 hours before our flight.

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    When we left CN on 10/27, the shuttle departed at 9:00a for a 12:50p flight.

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    From the resorts in Negril they schedule your departure about 4 hours prior to your flights departure time.
    Gives you time to check in, go thru security, get a bite to eat and do some last minute shopping

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    Default thanks

    Good! I think the road construction was bad last time. I have read its better now. We were thinking of taking TimAir back to MoBay to avoid that again!

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    Usually 4 hours.

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