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    We stayed at CN and one of our favorite things was the Catamaran Cruise...we went twice! Crazy Fun. I'm trying to decide if I want to return or go to TI...ON the inclusion page, it lists •Sunset Catamaran Boat tour
    and under CN it says •Sunset Catamaran Cruise
    Is there a difference??

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    we was there 8 yrs ago and it was called the Sunset Catamaran Cruise and we was at CN this past July and it was the same thing. Hope this help you

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    The CTI Cat Cruise is nothing like the CN Cat Cruise. The CTI Cat Cruise is exciting. The CN Cat Cruise is relaxing.

    The CTI Cat Cruise is a little boat that you sit on top of. It has a very energetic crew that tries to get you involved in dancing on the boat. It goes out into the ocean and plays in the big waves for a while (It’s kind of like a roller coaster) and then back to the Ochi harbor for some swimming. They have tube type floaties on the boat. Since the waves were too big at CTI for the boat when we were there, they bused us into Ochi. We had no shoes, because you don’t need shoes for the CN Cat Cruise, and we had to walk across a gravel parking lot to get to the boat. If you take a nice camera, take along a plastic baggie to lock it in, because you will get splashed with a lot of water. I’d take a waterproof camera.

    The CN Cat Cruise is a big boat that you get down and sit inside of. The sides are probably about 2 ½ feet off the floor, so you are still sitting outside. It has a real bar and bartender who dances and walks on his hands and is very entertaining. The cruise goes along the beautiful Negril coastline, almost to Rick’s Café, but in the 3 cruises we’ve taken, it has never gone all, the way to Rick’s. It stops at some beautiful cliffs that you used to be able to dive off, but that has since ceased. You can swim into the caves and they even have a slide on the boat that you can slide off of into the water. They have floaties and life vests available on the boat. Take no shoes. They will just get in the way. You have to wade out to the boat (and back) in water about thigh high. All you really need is a swim suit and a camera. No problem taking a nice camera on this one. I would recommend a shirt and a towel also. Even if you aren’t planning on going into the water, the towel will give you something to sit on and wrap around you on the trip back to the resort. It gets chilly on the water as the sun goes down.
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