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    Default Blue Mountain Bike Tour

    Hey All... The Blue Mountain Bike Tour seems really cool..

    Is it as cool as it seems and is it worth the money?? How much does it cost if you sign up when you get to CTI??

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    We did the Blue Mountain Bike Tour years back when we were in Jamaica and we loved it.
    I asked a question about it on this board some months back and was told it is a very long drive from your resort and CSS - over 3 hours to get there. Next year we are going to Couples Negril and were told it is a lot closer to get to it.
    If you decide to go, just wanted to say we found it very enjoyable. All downhill biking from the top of a mountain - really nice. Google it and you will find their website with prices.

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    We also did this last June. It was great eventhough we had awful weather. I can just imagine how much better it would have been without the rain and clouds. Very easy bike ride with lots of stops for picture taking.
    The ride from the resort is very long but you do get to see quite a bit of Jamaica which is nice on its own. We had a great bus driver who pointed out all the sites along the way. The cost was about the same as on their website when booked at CTI. I think it might have been a little more but not so much to make it worth committing ahead of time. We booked the day before we wanted to go and there was no problem, however our bus was full. If we go back to the Ocho side we will definitely do it again...hopefully on a day with no clouds and rain.

    REH...I can't imagine it would be a shorter ride from's probably about 3 hours longer. The tour starts at a peak from which you should be able to see Kingston (we weren't able to see it due the rain) and ends east of Ocho. Negril is even further west. I had looked at it and I didn't think it was even offered from Negril. (I could be wrong here...I'll certainly look into again since we normally go to CSA)

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    The bike tour is a great time, but is in fact much farther when coming Negril than Ocho Rios, not closer.

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    REH, the Blue Mountains are on the eastern side of Jamaica, opposite of Negril. That would put them relatively close to CTI & CSS but not CN or CSA. I'm not sure if they have a bike tour on the Negril side of the island but it would be worth checking out.

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    Thanks everyone for letting me know that. I got some misinformation then the last time. How long a drive is it, then, from CSS? Hubby loved it so much the last time I told him we would wait and do it next year when we are at Couples Negril. Might have to do it this year, then, for sure!

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    We did this in July from CTI. We left at about 8:00 in the morning, and were back by 5:00 at the resort. When at the cafe, you will have the opportunity to buy coffee. We bought a pound in an unmarked see-through plastic bag, and a pound in a labeled burlap sack (for a few dollars more).

    Only the coffee in the unmarked see-through plastic bag was drinkable.

    Just a heads up.

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