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    Default Silly question about running on the beach

    OK, I have never really been "serious" about excersing, but since we have booked for CN in Nov, I've been trying to "get into that bikini". I've never run on a beach before, so am people usually run in runners or in barefeet? Is it possible to run in barefeet at CN? that would mean one less pair of shoes to pack anyway. I know it's not as important as some other questions, but am new to this whole experience, so thank you in advance. PS. We are so excited, counting down the days until Nov 14, 2009

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    I would not run barefoot. Maybe some beach shoes at a minimum. One small shell or coral in the wrong spout will tear your feet up. Not a great way to spend a vacation getting stitches in your foot.

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    If you are not serious about running I would maybe take the week off on your vacation. That said, I would not recommend running barefoot on the beach. The beaches are clean, but you never know for sure what you might step on when moving quickly on unfamilier terrain. If you truly want to run the beach, take some light weight running shoes, and where some sort of socks. I where low cuts just to cover my feet. Your shoes will get wet and the socks will protect your feet from rubbing blisters in the wet shoes.
    Side note, I'm not sure how well the beaches at CN lend themselves to running. At CSA there are a couple miles of uninterupted beach to run on. I don't know how the beaches at CN layout for any distance to run. Interesting question though for folks that may have that knowledge or have run the beach at CN. Anyone?

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    While the idea of running on the beach is appealing, I don't like it in reality. My heels tend to sink into the sand, putting more strain on my calves and making them cramp more easily. When I run at CN, I stick to the treadmill.
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    Default Take the shoes - definitely - if you're gonna run

    If you are going to run on the beach than definitely take running shoes to do it. It will kill your feet to run without shoes. Even the power walkers wear their shoes. We're not runners but once while staying at CSA we walked down the beach barefoot clear to the "S" resort & then realized that time had gotten away from us & we were scheduled to go snorkeling in a few minutes so we ran all the way back to CSA. Not smart. Very sore feet were the result. We did make our snorkeling trip, though.

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