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    Default CN -- Beach Grill, Is It True?

    I read on TA that the beach grill restaurant no longer serves pizza or nachos. Can someone who's been there recently confirm this. I loved this for a super-quick lunch or a snack. Please tell me it's not so!!

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    Our priorities are obviously the same...LOL. I saw the same review and asked a question on it too. We will be there next week, so I'll know for sure. I hope it's not true. Like you, I love the quick snack, especially the nachos, at lunch or for a late night munchie.

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    Hi ggo85 we was there this past July and they still had nachos and pizza at lunch time

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    I also read this.....I can's NOT a deal breaker, as CN is our home...but SAY IT ISN'T SO!
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    We were at CN Oct 22-27 and they did not have pizza at the beach grill. They had chips/cheese but no fixings.

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    Are there nachos and cheese available at CSA?

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    Just returned yesterday and although they did not have pizza at the grill they had nachos, cheese, salsa, sour cream and peppers. They also had self serve fruit salad and cookies and ice cream.

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