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    Default Question about repeating.

    Not sure if this is even worth asking but here goes. Five years ago went to CN, and absolutly loved it, in fact went back and told our best friends and they booked the next month, and they came back and told their kids and they did their honeymoon at CN, anyway I ended up getting a divorce the next year. So now I'm coming back in April with a new love. She has never been, but techniclly I'm a repeater. My question is this are there any perks left for repeaters? Thanks

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    Hey Boomer,
    This is going to be out 3rd trip to about the "romance rewards" and sign up for it onlilne...I did, I will let you know what we get after out trip Nov. 25th - Dec. 4th.

    Art and Bev.

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    As repeaters, we received the Couples Massage, 3 small "barrels" of Blue Mtn. coffee in a nice wood box (see picture in link below) two t-shirts, and upon checkout we were given an insulated lunch bag with the Couples logo. It contained two bottles of water and two Nature Valley breakfast bars. We thought the departing gift was so thoughtful, and it was totally unexpected.

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    Bommer, yes you are a repeater. Was the previous reservation made in your name? Is the new reservation in your name? If, yes, yes, then put repeaters on your reservation. It does not matter for your new love! They just want people to come home again.

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    Bearso...thanks, and yes it was in my name. Good to know, wasn't sure if CN keep records that long. But on the other hand I guess they have to. Thanks everyone

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    Yes! I am in the EXACT same situation. I am going to CTI this Friday with my new love and we are registered as repeaters under my name, it is my 3rd time there! Have a great time with your new love as I will with mine. He has never been there. He is in for a great time!


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