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    Default CN first timers!!!!

    We are coming to CN (and Jamaica) for the first time Nov 24th-Dec 1st. Any tips on what to do? This will also be our first experience at an all-inclusive. I read dress resort casual for some of the restaurants, what does this mean exactly? And is anyone else going to be there that week? Can't wait..counting down the days!

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    Don't over pack! You'll be in a bathing suit all day. I wore nice shorts and a nice tank top or shirt for dinner most nights. I brought a sundress for Otahite. My husband wore nice shorts and a Hawaiian shirt or polo most nights and slacks for Otahite. I've seen all variety of dress. Skip the jeans, too heavy for warm nights.
    You will love CN. Essentially, you can put you wallet in your safe and not take it out except for gift shop, excursions or vendors. Our first time anywhere was CN and it was so nice to not have to think about tipping. No tipping at Couples means no tipping. The staff is wonderful. Try snorkeling and the catamaran cruise(included). Our friends went to another resort in Jamaica that was AI but didn't include nearly what CN includes.
    You made a great choice. We had to be talked into Jamaica and Couples and are now repeaters. Never thought I'd return to the same place, but you'll see. It is a special place.

    Irie, donna

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    Default A Donna

    Ya mon. Big Ups.
    Every Time!
    Without a doubt...

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    We just returned yesterday..sorry we couldn't be there to greet you. ENJOY. It will be wonderful.

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    We come in monday after a red eye, should we book a catamaran cruise that day, or wait until the next one on thursday? Is it a casual trip that would be great to meet others, or will we be to tired to enjoy it?

    Any input?

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    We've been to CN many times and I agree with Donna above. DO NOT OVERPACK. My husband and I always laugh when we see people bring these enormous suitcases for 4-5 days. I wonder what in the world is inside.

    IF you want to use this as a dress-up experience, go ahead and bring your nicer summer attire. You will see a few people in cocktail dresses at Otaheite. However, a sundress or even dressy slacks and top is fine for women. And, for the other restaurants, nice shorts (not cut-off or torn jean shorts) and a top is fine.

    I'd wait on the Catamaran cruise until Thursday. You may have trouble booking it for the next day as the cruise tends to fill up. If you plan to jump off the cliff, do NOT drink heavily on the way out. More than one person has injured him/herself jumping while inebriated. You can drink on the way back.

    I would skip the shopping tour. Vendors come to the resort at least one day per week and will bargain with you. You can also pick up stuff at the airport while awaiting your flight.

    I typically book all of my "stuff" (excursions, spa, Otaheite) the first morning after we arrive. That way, I'm done with the admin stuff and can spend the rest of the vacation not worrying about anything.

    Remember, it's vacation and it's Jamaica. Slow down, relax, tape a deep breath and enjoy!!

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