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    Has anyone stayed in the GHVS ? If so how was it ? THANK U

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    hi acdecker,
    My husband and I have stayed in the Great House twice and have enjoyed it very much. The rooms are very similar to the other rooms, you just enter through a hotel-like corridor instead of climbing the stairs of one of the 3 floor units.
    We've never had a problem with noise or traffic, and we stayed in the first room on the same floor as the piano bar, casino and internet lounge.
    If you decide to go with the GHVS, I'm sure you'll love it.

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    We always stay in the GHVS and love it!

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    My DH and I stayed there. We loved it. During a rainstorm, we were right above Patois. We were down the hall from the internet cafe and it was very quiet.

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    We have stayed in the GHVS on our 3 previous trips. We moved to oceanview this time for something different. We always chose the GH because they had internet in every room.

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